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  • Genuine Czech brand.
  • Most of our protein products are gluten free.
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KetoDiet — a protein diet that works

KetoDiet, a Czech brand protein diet, will help you shed those extra kilos comfortably and without feeling hungry or stressed. Our low-carb protein meals and drinks, enriched with vitamins and minerals, can also be enjoyed as part of a normal diet. It’s entirely up to you whether you turn them into a healthy breakfast, snack, quick lunch or a light dinner.

  • We are a genuine Czech brand.
  • Our products have been on the market for over 6 years.
  • Our experienced dieticians are here for you to offer free advice.
  • All our meals and drinks take just a few minutes to make.
  • Most of our protein products are gluten free.
  • Do you want to lose weight? Try one of our diet plans. All of them are suitable for both women and men.
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  • Do you just want to enhance your diet?Choose from our KetoDiet meals and drinks that are high in protein and low in sugar and upgrade your daily diet.
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Find out your ideal weight

Enter your details in the calculator to find out which diet plan is right for you. To make your slimming with KetoDiet nice and easy, our dieticians are here for you offering FREE ADVICE.

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Most popular protein products

€ 15,10


  • For women and men
  • 7 portions
  • From step 1

€ 130,00 (4.62 %) € 124,00


  • Diet plan Basic
  • For women
  • 70 portions
  • For step 1
  • 2 weeks

€ 2,90 (20.69 %) € 2,30


  • For women and men
  • From step 1


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