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  • We are an Czech brand.
  • Most of our protein products are gluten-free.
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KetoDiet — effective protein diet

The Czech protein diet called KetoDiet helps you to lose weight conveniently without hunger and unnecessary stress. Our low-carbohydrate protein foods and beverages, which are additionally enriched with vitamins and minerals, can also be included into your regular diet. It's up to you if you eat them as a healthy breakfast, a snack, a quick lunch or a light dinner.

  • we are an original Czech brand.
  • we are present on the market more than 6 years.
  • our experienced nutrition counsellors are available for you for free.
  • the preparation of foods or drinks takes only a few minutes.
  • the most of our protein products are gluten-free.
  • Do you want to lose weight? Try one of our diet plans that are suitable for both men and women.
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  • Do you need to improve your menu? Choose from the KetoDiet foods and beverages with high protein and low sugar content and improve yout daily menu.
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Calculate your ideal weight

Enter your data into a calculator and see which diet plan is best suited to you. In order for you to lose weight with KetoDiet, it is easy and enjoyable, and our nutrition counselors are available for free.

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Most popular protein foods

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  • 7 portions
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