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KetoDiet, the Czech Protein Diet Producer

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KetoDiet, the Czech Protein Diet Producer

KetoDiet CZ s.r.o. has been engaged in the development and production of the most popular Czech protein diet KetoDiet since 2011. In our production plant in the Czech Republic, we prepare diet foods and food supplements that will help you shed the extra kilos easily.

We have our own recipes of protein foods and protein drinks, which we keep on adjusting also based on your thoughts and requests. Each portion contains the right combination of vitamins and minerals to precisely meet the pharmaceutically recommended intake.

Moreover, the products contain a balanced mix of plant and animal proteins, including:

  • hydrolysed collagen (this collagen is, used e.g. in premium supplements for strengthening joints and ligaments),
  • whey micellar casein,
  • soya protein isolate,
  • Whey protein concentrate

Our production plant complies with strict legislation requirements for pharmaceutical production (Czech National Standards (hereinafter only the “CNS”) ISO 9001:2009, CNS EN ISO 22000:2006 and HACCP).

Thanks to their balanced contents, our food products can temporarily substitute the entire food provisions (in line with the diet plan you chose), or you can enjoy them together with your habitual diet, just as a supplement.

We wish that you find our protein food products tasty and that they provide you with the necessary nutrition while you are losing weight. That is why we keep on enhancing the quality of the food products and their taste.

Should you wish to raise any queries or comments, please contact Lucie Lorenzova at info@ketodiet.eu.


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