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Your favourites. Which KetoDiet products are the most popular?

Your most favourite KetoDiet product. Strawberry and Banana Protein drink

10 years of KetoDiet. The round anniversary has led us to a slight retrospection. The list of our products is getting longer every year thanks to you and your wishes but did you know that we started with just one protein drink, mixed at home in the bathtub? But now you have a wide choice in our e-shop. And if you cannot decide, you won’t make a mistake with one of our bestsellers. We have decided to reveal our top five KetoDiet products, based on your orders. Let’s see, which one is in your cart right now?

Proteinové smoothie Mango KetoDiet. Proteinový drink ready to go

5. Protein Mango Smoothie. Fresh 'shake and drink' drink

Fresh fruit protein 'ready to go' smoothie with minimum sugar has made it to the fifth place since it is an ideal buddy when you are busy, on the go or just don’t feel like a long preparation of breakfast or snack. Forget fast foods at petrol stations. Just shake and drink the ready to go drink. “Smoothie is really rich in protein so it can replace the classic protein drink. You can use it not only when on the diet but also before or after exercise since it will help you to protect your muscle mass,“ enumerates its benefits the nutritional expert Jiří Skála.

Are you not fond of Mango? And have you tried Protein Strawberry Smoothie?

Proteinový chléb s vlašskými ořechy KetoDiet. Pečivo do diety. Bestseller.

4. Walnut protein bread. The king of wholegrain baked products

The diet and baked products don’t go together? Come on. Even when on a low-carb diet you don’t have to give up baked products. You just need to choose carefully. And that’s why you’ve come to like the protein bread with walnuts. Thanks to its high content of protein and fibre it fills you up for a long time without spoiling your figure because of minimum carbohydrates. “Its main ingredients are whole rye flour and walnuts as a high-quality source of vegetable fat. It will also supply you with important omega 3 fatty acids,“ says the nutritional conslutant. In addition, it contains flaxseed, wheat bran as well as sunflower and sesame seeds. And what to eat it with? “I prefer it with avocado spread. Then it gives you everything you need for breakfast or a snack,“ reveals his hint for a fully-fledged meal Jiří Skála.

Vary your diet plan! Try other types of our protein baked products.

Proteinová tyčinka KetoDiet crispy jahoda s minimem sacharidů. Bestseller mezi dietními sladkostmi

3. Crispy pleasure! Crispy Protein Bar with Strawberry Flavour

The bars can’t be missing “on the podium”. You like the best the fresh strawberry flavour. The bar crisps nicely and thanks to the slightly sour yoghurt coating its flavour is totally balanced. Simply irresistible! And it has only 6 g of carbohydrates. “It is suitable not only from Step 1 of KetoDiet, but also for those who prefer low carb food,” explains Jiří Skála its use in the diet plan. What’s more, you have the bar always at hand. No more starving. It fits in your hand bag as well as your desk drawer to keep your stockpile. Thanks to a high content of protein and fibre it will fill you up comfortably and only one bar is enough as one portion in KetoDiet. Not two, as in the past.

Do you already know the strawberry flavour? It’s time to try the Protein bar with hazelnuts and chocolate flavour.

Dietní plán Intense. Bestseller. Kufřík od KetoDiet vyřeší vaši nadváhu

2. Solution of overweight in one case! Protein drinks and meals for 28 days

You will get rid of your kilos without counting any calories or preparing complex diet plans. A bestseller among diets. Our “intensive” case for the whole Step 1 of the protein diet, in which we packed our best products and well as the guide to KetoDiet. So, you don’t have to think about anything for a long time. “You can combine the selected protein meals and drinks as you like and you can be sure that whatever you reach for , you won’t make a mistake,” explains the nutritional specialist, the biggest benefit of the value-for-money pack. “Just add the recommended vegetables and healthy fats to the products you will find in the case and you’re good to go for four weeks,” adds Jiří Skála.

Would you prefer only protein drinks for weight loss? Then we have for you a value-for-money pack of drinks for 4 weeks.

Aren’t you sure whether you need the Intense pack, or a different diet plan?

Take advice from our clever BMI calculator

Nejoblíbenější KetoDiet produkt proteinový nápoj jahoda banán

1. The most popular KetoDiet product! Golden medal for Protein Drink with Strawberry and Banana Flavour

And here we have the winner! The top KetoDiet product is the protein drink with strawberry and banana flavour. You enjoy the most the sweet fruity flavour, but only thanks to naturally occurring sugar. But it is not only about taste. The protein drink is at the top also thanks to its good-quality ingredients. “It is a multi-component protein, which means that it contains more sources of protein (whey isolate, whey concentrate, micellar casein and plant protein source – soya isolate),” explains Jiří Skála. Multi-component proteins are suitable in particular for weight loss, but are good also in gaining muscle mass.

“A huge benefit of the winning drink is the blend of vitamins, which is enriched with the necessary sources of minerals. These are in particular fat-soluble vitamins (A, E, D), B vitamins, vitamin C and minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc, etc., which are essential for everyday functions of our body,“ adds the nutrition specialist.

And good-quality source of fibre is not missing either. “It is inulin in the drink. And thanks to all the ingredients the drink can easily replace a fully-fledged meal,“ concludes Jiří Skála. It supplies the body with everything it needs within several minutes. It is ready in no time. Just add water, shake and leave to stand for a while. And we have it for you in two packaging options:


Our “world of protein” is not limited to the strawberry and banana flavour. Try also other types of protein drinks, which will help you losing weight.


Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photo: KetoDiet

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