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Welcome this low-carb refreshment: Protein Ice-cream!

With the hot days coming, you will certainly appreciate a nice refreshment in form of ice-cream. The New KetoDiet ice-cream will be a nice treat for you not just for the nice and refreshing taste, but also for the low carbohydrates and high protein. You may choose from three flavours, it’s just up to you, but don’t miss it!

What makes the protein ice-cream a perfect choice?

  • There is no added sugar.
  • It will bring a wealth of high-quality proteins into your diet.
  • One pack brings you as many as 20 portions of ice-cream.
  • It has a container with a scoop, which will come in handy in the kitchen even after you finish the ice-cream.
  • It is suitable for your protein diet right from Step 1or you can just have it as a healthy dessert as part of your usual diet.

Choose your favourite one out of the three flavours – the blueberry one with dried blueberries, the chocolate one with true cocoa or the popular vanilla one. Or why not try them all?

Our KetoDiet ice-cream is only a limited edition, so do not hesitate for long….

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