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Tips on how to avoid coming back from holiday with 5 extra kilos

Where are you going on holiday this summer? Are you planning to relax on the beach abroad or will you be exploring the countryside in your homeland? Apart from the excitement about your summer break quickly approaching, you might also feel slightly apprehensive about the risk of your dream holiday turning into one long binge-eating session that will undo all your dieting efforts. That’s why we have put together a few simple rules that will help you to feel grounded when you find yourself outside of your usual routine and that will support you in resisting all those temptations around you.

Diet & holiday! Marry the two together

“Even when you’re away from home, it’s important that you eat regularly. Continue with your 5 meals a day roughly every 3 hours or at intervals that suit you. Also, make sure that you stay sufficiently hydrated. Just be aware that coffee, alcohol, salty soups, milk and sweetened drinks do not count as part of your fluid intake. Always make sure that you eat good-quality food and that your daily menu is carefully planned. Carbohydrates should be consumed mainly in the morning. In the evening, you should reduce their amount or give them a miss altogether and tuck into plenty of vegetables and protein-rich food instead,” advises the leading KetoDiet dietician Martina Dvořáková who, thanks also to her previous job as a flight attendant, has plenty of experience with travelling and its challenges. She has also shared her secret tip with us: “I know too well how difficult it is to eat regularly and healthily when travelling. That’s why I always have in my bag a protein bar as well as a sachet of our protein smoothie that can be made in a shaker in just a few minutes.”

4 rules to maintain your slim figure even when on holiday

First and foremost, common sense should prevail. Remember that you want to enjoy your holiday and not to be fretting over any dietary transgressions you might have committed. However, the following tips will help you not to succumb to any feelings of guilt and so you’ll always feel good.

1. Don’t underestimate your home preparation

Getting in the car and thinking that you will stop somewhere for a quick meal is not a great plan. Eating at service stations or random restaurants and bistros probably won’t do much good to your figure. For that reason, make sure you prepare your healthy snacks in advance. Chop some vegetables and fruit. Pack some nuts. Make yourself sandwiches using protein bread and light cottage-cheese spread with some good-quality chicken or turkey ham or cheese. Slip a protein bar or protein croissant into each piece of your luggage and don’t forget to pack your shaker and your favourite protein drinks. Just by adding some water, they can be prepared almost anywhere.

Travelling far? Don’t forget to take a cool box to keep your snacks fresh for longer.

"Have confidence in yourself that you will succeed. Then all you need to do is to follow a few simple rules and you’ve cracked it! PS: Make sure that you take some extra strong willpower with you."

2. Use buffets to your advantage

Is your holiday going to be all inclusive or half board with two buffet-style meals a day? Great! Make the most of this opportunity where you can choose from a selection of fresh local food that you wouldn’t normally have at home. For breakfast, help yourself to fresh fruit with some cottage cheese or natural yoghurt sprinkled with nuts. Or why not try some locally produced cheese or chicken or turkey ham with vegetables? For a snack, indulge in some home-made fruit ice cream as a guilt-free treat. Lunch and dinner are an opportunity to try and enjoy local specialities – grilled meat, fish and seafood. Try to avoid side dishes such as pasta or rice as well as bread. Instead, go for grilled vegetables or a salad dressed with a light dressing using good-quality olive oil.

Also, fresh water will be available to you all day, so staying hydrated shouldn’t a problem. Drink at least 3 litres a day. Stay away from sweetened drinks and spirits. The only exceptions are a small glass of beer or white wine spritzer that you can enjoy whilst relaxing by the pool.

3. Turn exercise into “me time”

Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to be lazing around in your deckchair all day long. Find at least a brief moment each day when you’re going to be active. No, you don’t need to be jogging on the beach, although it looked so cool in that romantic comedy. You can just go for a walk an hour before dinner or go for a 10-minute swim several times throughout the day. You never know, your holiday resort might even have a gym. If it’s air-conditioned, why not give it a try? It’d be worth it even if you only spent 20 minutes there skipping a rope.

The early bird catches the worm! Make some time for yourself whilst others are still asleep and have the sea or the promenade just for yourself. What’s more, the air will still be cool at this time of the day which will be great for your breathing. You will see how quickly this part of the day becomes your favourite time.

4. Regular regime is the key

As the dietician for KetoDiet Martina Dvořáková advised at the beginning of this article, maintaining a regular regime is the key. “Whether you’re on holiday or at home, make sure you plan your meals in line with your lifestyle. If you get up really early or go to bed late, add one extra meal to your daily menu. You should never go to bed feeling too full, nor hungry. The ideal time for your last meal is 2 hours before going to bed,” adds Martina.

"There’s no magic formula that would work for everyone. Come up with a regime that will suit you."

Remember, there’s no magic formula that would work for everyone. Come up with a regime that will suit you. You might be happy with just three large portions a day. The main thing is to feel good. Only then will you be able to stick to your healthy diet plan long term.

Staying slim whilst on holiday isn’t going to be such hard work after all, is it? And should you, by any chance, stumble, don’t be hard on yourself. There’ll be plenty of time to get back in shape after you come back from your holiday.


Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photos: KetoDiet, Depositphotos


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