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There’s nothing simpler than this

Andrea has tried several times to lose weight by counting calories and weighing her meal portions. However, she always ended up going back to her old habits. It was her sister who introduced her to KetoDiet and Andrea decided to drop her excess weight once and for all. Read on to find out how she managed to shed those extra kilos with KetoDiet and what helped her on her slimming journey.


Andrea, why did you decide to lose weight with KetoDiet?

I think it’s the simplest way to start losing weight. I’ve tried to lose weight by going on a low-calorie diet, but I’m not the type of person who can strictly stick to their regime. I had to weigh my food and prepare meals to take to work the next day. I didn’t enjoy it, so I only managed to stick to my diet for a couple of days at a time.
The first time I heard of KetoDiet was when my sister told me about it. Paradoxically, I laughed in her face at first. I just didn’t believe in it. She was telling me about her drinking protein drinks and eating vegetables without ever feeling hungry. That caught my attention. Suddenly there was hope.
I started to explore ketosis, metabolism and how macronutrients work in our body in general. Protein is the only macronutrient that the body can’t produce. The concept of a keto diet suddenly started to make sense to me. I decided to go for it and to finally shed those extra kilos. The thing is, there’s nothing simpler than this.


“Suddenly there was hope.”


Which diet plan did you choose and what was your goal?

I was 158 cm tall and weighed 80 kilos, so I knew that the BASIC plan wouldn’t be enough. At first, I wanted to follow the MEDIUM plan, but later on, when I was already on the plan, I decided to extend Step 1. In the end, I did Step 1 for 4 weeks, so basically, I ended up following the INTENSE diet plan (laughing).
I didn’t really have any dream target weight I was aspiring to. I just wanted to feel good in my body. Well, maybe somewhere in the depths of my unconsciousness there was a desire for my weight to start with a figure 5 (laughing).


What about motivation, what spurred you on?

It was actually KetoDiet itself that was the biggest motivation for me. It was so simple – no weighing, diet planning, endless shopping or anything like that. The beginnings required some willpower, but I wasn’t really feeling hungry. After a couple of days I suddenly had more energy, I felt amazing and I also found exercising easier.
After two weeks of being on a diet, even my family and colleagues noticed that my hips were somewhat slimmer and that I just generally looked “shrunk”. Well, that was what really spurred me on. When I sensed that flicker of hope that I would succeed and become slim, I just didn’t want to give up.


Were there any moments when you felt like giving up? And what put you back on the right track?

Some people were either mocking me or trying to convince me that I was ruining my health. Fortunately, I had researched how the keto diet worked, so I had the right arguments up my sleeve. Those who tried to make me see the potential dangers decided to go for KetoDiet themselves in the end (laughing).
My work colleagues would try to tempt me with all sorts of treats, just for a laugh. Of course, my son was eating a normal diet. Sometimes he would order pizza or a hot dog for dinner. So there were things around me that I just had to learn to ignore. It was tough at times, but it was manageable. What helped me when I felt tempted to have just a tiny bit of something outside my diet was to say a clear “NO” out loud. That was probably the biggest challenge – trying not to taste anything outside my plan. Otherwise I was very much into it and it never really even occurred to me to give up.


“What helped me... was to say a clear “NO” out loud.”


figure of a woman before and after dietWill you blow your own trumpet and tell our readers what the outcome of your slimming effort was?

I was size 44 before I started the protein diet. When I finished, I was size 36-38. After I completed my diet plan, I managed to lose further weight thanks to exercise and a low-carb diet. I am now down to size 34-36.


Which KetoDiet meals would you recommend? Which ones were your favourite?

My favourite meals were protein bars, smoothies, protein drinks and chocolate pudding. Actually, I liked all the meals, but the bars were the best.

How do you keep yourself in check after the keto diet? Are you following any special diet? I have successfully maintained my weight. I exercise 3-4 times a day at home. Now in spring time, I will add some cycling and running. I follow a low-carb diet. I’m still working hard on cutting down sugars. However, I never weigh my meals and I don’t do any calculations. Once in a while, I treat myself to something “unhealthy”, like pizza or fried cheese and chips. My rule is 80% low-carb (normal diet) and 20% treats (occasionally).


What would your message to our readers be?

To all of you who are on your diet plans, I wish you all the best. I’m sure you’ll succeed. The feeling at the end is worth it! I would just recommend to eat healthily and think about what you eat even after you have completed your diet plan. Don’t go back to your old habits. And to those of you who are still undecided whether or not to go for the diet, I would say that if you are healthy and struggling with your current diet, just like I was before the keto diet, just throw away your prejudice and give KetoDiet a try. I know I’m going to repeat myself, but there’s nothing simpler than this.


Author: Pavla Frindtová


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