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Struggling to lose weight? You might be making this common mistake

Has your slimming journey failed to meet your expectations? You have modified your diet and exercise regularly, yet those extra kilos just won’t shift. Sounds familiar? You might have made a small mistake. Let us help you put it right. Cast your mind back to the beginning and try to find out what made you embark on your weight loss journey in the first place. Being aware of the true motive behind your slimming effort is just as important as setting yourself a realistic goal.


Why did you go on a diet?

Quarantine or not, it is important to keep yourself not only physically but also mentally as fit as possible. The same goes for a successful weight loss. If your slimming effort has been motivated by the wrong reasons, it can slow down your weight loss or even halt it completely. Do not despair though - you still have quite a few weeks left before stepping onto the beach. That’s why this is an ideal time to get clear about your motive that will then become your driving force.


3 steps to find the right reason for a successful weight loss

Don’t lose weight because you have to

We often do things only because we have to. Or we think we have to. Every year, we set out to lose weight as we know that summer is approaching and we don’t feel at all comfortable taking off our favourite loose-fit jumper. We exercise because that woman next door has been running for the past two months. There’s no way we will let ourselves fall behind! We spend time outdoors because the weather is good despite the fact that we would much rather stay at home and listen to some interesting podcasts or make a healthy cake. Don’t let the “I must” mantra control your life. Be in tune with yourself and your feelings. Listen to your mind and body and find out what they need. Not only will this make you happier and more pleasant to be around, but you will also be healthier and slimmer.


Stop listening to those around you. Inner motivation is key

Are all those comments on your bum, belly or thighs uttered by your family or friends starting to get on your nerves? Let them be. If the only reason why you decided to lose weight is because Jane thinks your bum is too big or because Paul said that the beer belly has gone out of fashion, then you are mistaken. Losing weight just because someone doesn’t like something about your appearance is hardly ever successful. On the contrary. It will make you feel stressed and your negative mindset will then hamper any slimming efforts. However, if you do agree with what your family and friends are saying and decide that your body would benefit from losing a bit of weight, do it out of your own volition. Start your diet plan because you want to and leave those around you speechless.


Feeling determined? You are on the right track

Now that you know that the only right reason to start slimming is because you actually want to, it is important to make this reason specific. What’s bugging you most? Why do you want to be slimmer? Ask yourself seemingly simple questions and your inner drive will soon emerge.


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  • Do I want to be healthier?
  • Do I want to like the look of myself again?
  • Do I want my jeans to fit me again?
  • Do I want to climb up the stairs without getting breathless?
  • Do I want to feel better?
  • Do I want to feel like myself again?
  • Do I want to stop feeling embarrassed about myself?
  • Do I want to be more confident at last?


Have you answered YES to at least one of the questions? Then you can start looking forward to your reward – a slimmer body!

So, you have discovered the reason why you want to become slimmer. Now embrace it. Thanks to the current coronavirus situation you actually have more time for yourself. There’s no need to start from scratch, simply notice the positive shift in your frame of mind. Do you also feel so good? The weather is amazing and your slimming diet has been carefully planned. Go for it!


Not sure which diet plan to go for? We’ll work it out for you and the excess weight won’t stand a chance!

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Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photos: KetoDiet, Depositphotos


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