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Transformation of gospel singer Leona Gyöngyösi. How was losing weight with KetoDiet?

Even well-know people can become overweight. Such as Leona Gyöngyösi, who suffered from overweight for several years. But one day, Lea decided to lose weight and shed off her extra kilos. She chose KetoDiet to gain a slimmer figure. Look at her wonderful transformation.

Lea, tell us, is there a big pressure on having a perfect figure in show business?

Unfortunately, yes. I suppose that sometimes how you look is more important than what you can do and how you captivate audience. This is true in particular for the media. It is sad that they mostly do not care about how much harm they can cause.

You are the mother of a 10-year-old Nicolas. Did your figure change after labour?

Yes, and a lot! (laughing) Even on the day of my labour my belly was very nice and smooth. A day after it started cracking and stretchmarks appeared. But I am not ashamed of them, on the contrary I am proud of them. Parental love can’t be described in words and I would never change this role.

Why did you decide to lose weight with KetoDiet?

I remember that very well. I was lying on a sofa at home and was “going through” my mobile. It was during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemics. I came across KetoDiet on the Instagram and I didn’t hesitate for any minute. The sample pack arrived a few days later and I started straight on. I couldn’t do any sports at that time for health reasons. And I suffered from stress due to cancelled concerts and family problems and I just needed a new impulse. And I found it. I felt an immense internal strength. I wanted to work on myself and show to myself I could do it.

Leona Gyöngyösi has lost weight with KetoDietDo you have any special motivation?

The biggest motivation is me. I set a goal to reach a weight I have never had during my adult years. I started doing sports again and I just completely changed my eating habits. I think that what I do is meaningful. I started loving and accepting myself exactly as I am.

You mentioned eating habits. Is it difficult to eat regularly with the job you have?

I must admit I never ate regularly. I have learnt that only thanks to KetoDiet. I started eating 5 portions a day and I keep this routine.

Do you like KetoDiet products?

A lot! I love KetoDiet and KetoLife Chocolate Flavour Protein Mash. I enjoy Protein Bars with Figs and Protein Baguettes.

How was losing weight with KetoDiet?

I must confess that the beginning wasn’t easy at all. I went through carb flue, which wasn’t very good. But as soon as I went through the first week and I could see the first results, and every day it became much easier. I’ve lost a lot of weight; many people can’t believe how much I weighted before. I haven’t finished yet and continue striving for my goal.

"I set a goal to reach a weight I have never had during my adult years."

Was there any time you wanted to give up?

(Laughing) Yes. And I did give up several times. I was on the diet for one week and I had the first failure. I started again and I failed again. And then for the third time. But after that, something changed and there were no more crises. I went on the Intense diet plan and I prolonged all steps by one month. Now, I eat low carb and I almost reached my dream weight. There is only a little way to go.

Transformation of gospel singer Leona GyöngyösiHow do people around you respond to your transformation?

Very positively. In the beginning, some of them tried to dissuade me that it would be only suffering and stress and I would be allowed only to drink. But I proved the opposite. I composed my diet of all KetoDiet products and it suits me well.

Lea, you are full of energy and have a huge charisma. What is your secret recipe?

Thank you for such a nice compliment. I have always strived to behave naturally. I do not worry about things I can’t change. We only live once and we must enjoy our life, not only survive. I love my work. Music has healing effects and makes everything nicer. My motto is: Music makes our soul free and gives our ideas wings.

Is there anything you would like to tell our readers?

It is not any shame to give up in the beginning. It may take a while before you can cope. But when you make up your mind and fulfil your goal the feeling is indescribable. The feeling of success is the best reward.

Author: Tereza Břízová

Photo: Leona Gyöngyösi

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