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Say good-bye to flavour tablets. Choose premium packs and go for new flavoured drinks.

Breaking good news before Christmas! New KetoDiet protein drinks are great and you can prepare them easily even when on a journey or in your office. The KetoDiet value-for-money packs include your favourite products. And that is not all!

Superb drinks whenever and wherever!

Why not make your life easier?! No more crushing of the tablets, no more measuring. Choose one of the 5 new great flavours of protein drinks, now with an improved formula. At the moment, you can choose one of the following flavours: hazelnut and chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana, apricot and mango, raspberry and black-currant.  

KetoDiet flavoured protein drinks are packed in separate sachets and they are much easier to dissolve. Enjoy your protein drink really at any place at any time, it is ready in a minute. Just open the sachet, empty the sachet into a glass of water and mix well in a shaker.   

The 1,000g jar of protein drink for women and men will be available in our e-shop only until the stock lasts.

Key benefits of the new KetoDIet protein drinks

  • High in plant as well as animal protein,
  • They boost fat burning
  • High in fibre
  • Gluten-free.
  • They contain collagen and a large variety of vitamins and minerals.
  • They protect and build muscle mass.
  • Easy and quick to dissolve.
  • When on diet, they taste great dissolved just in water. After the diet you can dissolve them in classic or any plant milk or kefir milk.

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Premium diet-plan packs full of bestsellers

KetoDiet value-for-money packs, containing your favourite products, will help you lose weight with ease, while following the diet plans that have carefully put together by our professional dieticians. With our BASIC, MEDIUM or INTENSE pack you cannot miss your goal.

All our packs are suitable for women and men. No need to make differences.

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Are you at a loss, not knowing which to chose?

Do you need any assistance while on diet? Our dieticians are here for you!

Not sure which of the value-for-money packs is best for you? Or do you want to know more about the new products? Ask our dieticians through email at startwith@ketodiet.eu.

Let us know which protein drink is best for you, or which of the packs helps you shed the extra kilos most comfortably.

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