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Protein drink for men is a thing of the past

Have you sometimes wondered which protein drink is best for you? No more head scratching! As we wanted to raise the nutritional value of our unflavoured drink, we have improved its formula for you. This formula has now replaced the two previous formulas used in our drinks – the “basic” protein drink and the protein drink for men.


We often get asked whether men and women should have different diets when following their diet plans. The answer is NO. Whether you are a woman or a man, your food calorie intake can be the same because any energy needed by your body will be sourced from its fat reserves. That’s why we have decided to discontinue the two versions of our unflavoured protein drink and replace it with just one drink for all. This will make your decision-making easier and your diet more comfortable. The quality of the product has also improved as a result.

Some time ago, our value-for-money diet plan packs used to contain jars of protein drink. They would be different for women and men. For the reasons mentioned above, we no longer offer the two alternatives. Our diet plan packs are now the same for both women and men, just like our new unflavoured drink.


Unflavoured cream protein drinkTry a new protein drink

Have you tasted unflavoured cream protein drink yet? Read about it in our article. It might be worth mentioning the most important points. When developing our drink, we improved the original unflavoured cream drink formula by adding cream, vitamins and minerals. Most of the soya protein was replaced by whey isolate, which is of higher quality, is smoother, easier to digest and, most importantly, much tastier. Due to lactose, the carbohydrate content of the cream drink has increased slightly - by 0.54g. Considering the daily carbohydrate allowance, this is an insignificant amount and won’t affect the process of ketosis in any way. Just like the previous drinks, the cream drink is very versatile.

Do you prefer flavoured protein drinks? We have several flavours for you to choose from. Whatever your taste preferences, we’re sure you will find what you’re looking for.



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