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New – Protein Cream with Hazelnuts in a big pack. Improved recipe.

Your favourite Protein Cream with Hazelnuts comes with a new taste. And it has a lot to offer! We have improved the recipe. We have added more hazelnuts for even more taste. Big pack will ensure that this delicacy will last long.


More hazelnuts, more portions! These are the main benefits of the new Cream with Hazelnuts. You can order your favourite protein delicacy in a big pack. We have kept all good things and added a lot more. Let’s have a look.


Why will the new Cream with Hazelnuts get you?

  • New bigger pack = 10 portions.
  • It will satisfy your sweet tooth even with minimum sugar.
  • It contains healthy fats from nuts and real cocoa.
  • It contains shea butter which has rejuvenating, hydrating and nourishing properties.
  • Improved recipe, more hazelnuts, it promises even better taste.


I want to try


Not only on a teaspoon

Protein butter corissantYou may use the Cream with Hazelnuts in the same way as traditional “nutella”. But there is a difference you will not put your figure at risk.

  • Add the cream to our vanilla protein pancakes.
  • Spread it on a delicate butter croissant.
  • Decorate your pancakes or waffles.
  • Add it to curd cheese or plain yogurt, sprinkle with nuts and … ENJOY IT.


Would you like to take the Cream with Hazelnuts with you to the car or backpack and eat it while on a move? Get practical smaller pack and you will have your favourite goodie always at hand.


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