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Now: Chocolate lovers, cheer up! Protein chocolate balls now on sale separately!

Are you among those who have already tried our chocolate balls in the limited edition, or do you simple love chocolate but do not want to breach your diet? CRISPY Protein Balls are the right solution for you. You can indulge in the fine taste of the crispy balls coated in milk or white chocolate without feeling guilty.

Do you sometimes miss the sweet to take with your afternoon coffee or tea? You can indulge in our crispy chocolate balls right from Step one of your diet plan.

I want this sweet!


Why are the CRISPY protein balls a perfect choice:

  • With 15g protein per portion they will be a nice variation to your KetoDiet diet plan. They are low in carbohydrates.
  • High in fibre, they boost good functioning of your digestion system.
  • Contain vitamin E that is good for your nails, hair and skin.
  • The protein balls are free from gluten, but they are produced in a plant where gluten products are normally processed, so they are not recommended for coeliacs.
  • They taste great!


Martina Dvořáková, hlavní výživová specialistka KetoDiet

Martina Dvořáková

the leading KetoDiet dietician

It is hard to resist these CRISPY Protein Balls, so it is no wonder when you eat the whole pack. If that happens to you, the crispy balls will replace one portion of your diet plan. Too much is too much, so remember that you should not eat CRISPY protein balls every day!


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