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NEW – Protein Baguette – you will enjoy every bite of this. And Chocolate-Hazelnut Cream as a gift.

EVENT ENDED. You can buy the baguette separately.

Have you heard that you can’t eat baked products while on a diet? No one believes that anymore. Of course, we are not talking about traditional white rolls but about sweet smelling and fluffy protein baguette for your more varied breakfast. And we think not only for breakfast. We will add 2x Hazelnut Cream AS A GIFT to your baguette.


Forget baked products full of carbohydrates. You will fall in love with our crisp protein baguette after your first bite. It is a perfect fit not only for your everyday diet but also for Diet Plans, from Step 1 of your KetoDiet.


What makes our Protein Baguette a perfect choice:

  • It is high in protein, so you will feel full longer.
  • It is low in carbohydrates and fat.
  • It contains a lot of fibre.
  • You can prepare breakfast or dinner in a couple of minutes and always in a different way.
  • One pack contains 4 baguettes = 4 portions.


I want a new baguette


Baguette with Hazelnut Cream

There are many ways how to enjoy our protein baguette. Our promotion is cut out for sweet food lovers. If you buy a pack of baguettes you will get 2x Hazelnut Cream as a GIFT. You can take this sweet snack everywhere while on a move.


One baguette, infinite options

Protein BaguetteDo you prefer traditional food and want to enjoy a baguette with vegetables or healthy and tasty spread?

  • In Step 1, spread butter on your baguette and add for instance radishes, lettuce or salad rocket.
  • From Step 2, try our light spring spread. If you run short of time, try cottage cheese, high-quality ham or cheese. You can also toast your baguette as panini.
  • In Step 3, unleash your imagination. But if you want a hint, we can recommend red lentil spread.


New Protein Baguette has a fantastic taste. Check it out and believe us that it will become a regular part of your diet.



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