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New product – Sugar-free topping and hazelnut protein spread

What to put on your pancakes, protein bread, croissants or stir into your yoghurt? Try our sugar-free topping with zero calories or the low-carb chocolate flavour hazelnut spread.

Sugar-free sweet life

Is the idea of giving up sweet things, even when on a diet, too much to bear? No more compromises from now on! Our sugar-free toppings will satisfy your sweet tooth whilst keeping your figure intact. Sweeten your desserts with our caramel or strawberry sugar-free toppings right from Step 1 of your diet plan.

What makes our topping a perfect choice?

  • Each portion contains zero carbohydrates, fats and calories
  • Has an authentic sweet flavour and lovely aroma
  • It’s versatile – can be stirred into yoghurt, mash, coffee or served on pancakes

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Protein spread with cocoa

Do you sometimes find yourself yearning for “nutella” during your diet regime? No wonder – a slice of bread with a generous layer of this favourite chocolate spread is often associated with our childhood memories.

Why not try its healthier version? Our chocolate flavour hazelnut spread can be enjoyed even when you are following a diet plan. This is because it is low in sugar and packed with good-quality protein and healthy fats from real hazelnuts, shea butter and cocoa.

Why you will fall for our topping

  • It’s low in sugar and contains 23% protein
  • Contains real hazelnuts and cocoa
  • Easy to spread
  • And most importantly – you can indulge in “nutella” even when on a diet!

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We are convinced you will love our hazelnut spread as well as the two toppings, so we have prepared a special offer for you – buy 4 and get 1 free. So go for it and make your slimming tasty!

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