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Are you in the mood for sweets even on a diet? We know how to easily get rid of it

How to get rid of the taste for sweets? Try KetoDiet tips

I have a sweet tooth but I don’t want to break my diet … What to do about it? When craving for sweets should never come around and what to do when you get it? Everything has its simple solution and you won’t stop losing kilos.

How to eat sweets on a diet and keep losing weight?

Did you know that with a balanced and nutrient rich reduction diet you shouldn’t get any cravings? Therefore, avoid dubious sweet-taste-suppressing products. At most, you can get the so called emotional hunger, which has little to do with physiological needs.

However, if you succumb to sweet and/or salt temptation it shouldn’t be beyond your daily meals. Eating sweets thus may be an exceptional part of your diet. But not regularly! Have your favourite treat for a morning snack or breakfast, preferably on the day you are about to do sports. Then you have plenty of time and opportunities to burn the energy from the delicacy.

What to do if I break my diet

Maybe you couldn’t resist and succumbed to the craving for sweets unplanned. Or you just went astray at a family party, barbecue or couldn’t resist a cake in your favourite sweets shop window. This can happen! Don’t flagellate yourself. You slipped once and no one’s going to rip your head off for that. Simply continue with your diet plan. One of the most common mistakes in your diet is that you give up your efforts after one mistake and in a few days, you decide dieting again from scratch. However, this is how you can slow down your metabolism and expose yourself to the risk of yoyo effect. Moreover, mental well-being is the basis of successful weight loss, says Martina Dvořáková, a nutrition specialist.

What treats to eat when losing weight? Legally!

When preparing new protein foods and drinks, we do not take your cravings lightly. That’s why we offer dietary goodies that won’t spoil your weight loss efforts, but on the contrary will support them.

RECIPE for sinfully good yet dietary dessert

If you are already in Step 2 of KetoDiet or have already finished with your slimming phase, you can enjoy chocolate balls with nuts without remorse. Believe us, they won’t last long in the fridge.

KetoDiet chocolate balls with nuts. Dietary dessert even when on a diet

Aren’t you fond of chocolate and nuts?

Find your favourite recipe in our dietary recipe book.

“Cheat days” aren’t criminal. But have them only after the diet

Do you feel you can’t win over your sweet tooth and unhealthy goodies? Then you may have considered trying to have “cheat days” in your regimen after finishing the diet plan. It means you can choose e.g. one day a week when you can eat everything you want, and stick to your new active healthy lifestyle the other days. What does Jiří Skála, nutrition specialist, think about “cheat days”? “Cheat days are an eccentricity of fitness fans when they calculate everything per grams accurately 6 days a week and on Sunday or after competition they attack the fast foods. But this will only make you sick.”

For some people, these days can be a well-deserved reward, for others an exciting violation of their own set rules. “One extreme is to count everything, watch yourself and ban yourself. And another extreme is to eat everything I can find without thinking about it,” says nutrition specialist about this disturbed eating logic and adds that if you realize it in time and avoid both extremes, you will find your own balance.

80:20 rule applies also to sustainable healthy lifestyle

The most important thing of your healthy life style is self-discipline. If you do not want to have a healthy lifestyle it will not happen. On the contrary, finding your own long-term sustainable balance in your eating regimen will pay off. For example, you can follow the 80:20 rule – eat balanced diet rich in nutrients in 80% of cases and have 20% opportunities for “cheating” . It depends only on your awareness.

Jiří Skála, nutrition specialist, who also conducts fitness trainings, concludes with one apt wisdom: “Eating a vegetable salad once in a while will not save us, similarly having a cake or beer at a party once in a while will not kill us.”

Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photo: Unsplash, KetoDiet

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