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Love on command: The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Valentine’s Day – you either love it or you curse it every year. If you find yourself on the opposite side of the fence to your partner, you might hit some speed bumps in your relationship. And what should you do if Cupid’s arrows are whizzing past your head but you are still hopelessly single? Let’s have a look at whether there’s a way to get out of this Valentine’s storm unharmed and with grace and whether you can even benefit from it.

Your expectations – the stumbling block

I’m sure you know it well – you are either waiting for at least one proof of love in the whole year or hoping that V-Day will just pass by with your partner pretending not to have noticed. You and your partner can hardly ever agree on how to celebrate this day, although exceptions do exist. If you want to survive Valentine’s Day with your mental health intact, let go of your high expectations and have an honest chat with your partner. You will save yourself some unpleasant surprises and awkward situations, like when your partner produces a lavish gift for you when all you want to do is just to go out for a meal or to stay at home with a bottle of wine.

Same issue every year and you are still at loggerheads

You’ve been dating for a couple of years now, but every year you get bogged down in the same dilemma. You might feel sad or even angry if things don’t go as you wish. But do not despair! There is a solution. Do you really need to be wined and dined in a pricey restaurant alongside hundreds of other smitten couples or be given expensive jewellery as a proof of love?

  • If the way to one’s heart is through their stomach, then why not prepare a special Valentine’s Day menu at home?
  • Agree on what is acceptable for each of you and what is way beyond the limits of your Valentine’s tolerance zone.
  • If you are hopelessly romantic whilst your partner is no fan of all that Valentine’s Day shenanigans, remember that Valentine’s Day is not the be-all and end-all of your relationship and that you can enjoy romance on any day of the week.
  • Not everyone can express their love on command. So, relax, put some warm socks on and get cosy with the telly on. No, this doesn’t mean your partner loves you any less.
  • Stop trying to change your partner. Don’t ask him to write poems for you when he is an adventure-loving rock climber. After all, it might be the differences between the two of you that makes your relationship tick.

Are you single? Great news!

Learn to love yourself and stop chasing ideals that don’t exist. If you feel you need a change, start straight away – Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity. Book in to the hairdresser’s, start working on shedding the last few extra kilos and finish off all the outstanding tasks that get neglected in the busyness of your daily life. Enjoy an evening meal with a girlfriend who is also single or just chill out at home with a nice film and good food that won’t make you pile on weight. Being single on Valentine’s Day is absolutely no reason to feel sad. In fact, it even has its advantages:

  • You’ll save money.
  • You won’t have to deal with awkward moments and rack your brain over suitable presents.
  • You can manage to do the cooking yourself, right?
  • You and your friend will most likely agree on what to do together so you’ll probably end up enjoying Valentine’s Day more than the couples.

Whether you are a romantic soul or a staunch opponent of Valentine’s Day, make sure that you spend this day in good spirits and good health.


Author: Pavla Frindtová

Photo: KetoDiet


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