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Learn to love your body! The following tips will make it easier for you

A healthy body is key. This doesn’t mean it has to reach the level of perfection you see in supermodels. Ok, your bum might be a bit on the large side and your thighs might be slightly chunky - an unwanted genetic gift from your great-grandmother – or you might be fretting about your breasts being too small or too big. The thing is we are all different and therein lies the beauty. If you are trying to change your lifestyle and maybe lose a bit of weight, the key to your success is self-love, which also includes loving your body with all its imperfections. Only through self-acceptance can you set out to make any changes and start building something new.

One of the most important things you can do for yourself, especially when searching for self-love, is to learn to say “thank you” to your body. It’s a habit that doesn’t come naturally to us as the society and possibly also our parents would urge us to change ourselves in order to fit in with the generally accepted standard. What are the routes you can take to learn to love your body?


Meditation is a wonderful tool to learn how to be focused. When feeling stressed or when your mind is buzzing with thousands of racing thoughts, you can always take refuge in meditation. What’s more, it’s free and accessible to everyone as it can be practised anywhere. All you need to do is to find a quiet and comfortable place, close your eyes and simply breathe deeply. If you’re unsure how to go about it, we recommend that you try a guided meditation using an app. Just 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation will help you feel more balanced.

Get in touch with your body

You might be exercising every day, maybe you go to the gym or do some jogging. But do you actually enjoy it? You shouldn’t put your body through something that you hate or don’t really enjoy. The secret is to find an activity that is in line with your body and its preferences and to learn to listen to every part of your body in a truly focused way. You can take your dog for a walk if that’s something that brings you more pleasure. Once out, notice the sky above and the plants and trees around you and try to take in all the beauty. Be aware of the present moment and your body. Ask your body how it is feeling. Once you have found your own way to be active, your mind will feel more settled too.

A good read

You might not even have a clue what self-love is. You do know how to love someone else, but loving yourself? Try to look for a good motivational book that will set you off, such as The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz or any other book that takes your fancy. Finding the right books that will speak to you is incredibly important when it comes to self-love and mental well-being. Just take a stroll around a bookshop and follow your intuition.

Have a good-quality diet, your body will thank you for that

Your body deserves the best even when it comes to food. However, don’t be telling yourself that you can no longer have a cookie or a hamburger. The fact is that if you consider the nutritional values of such foods, you will soon realize that they don’t provide you with any benefits and are actually harmful to your body (especially in high quantities). Your body is amazing and it deserves vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, not empty calories that will lead not only to an excess weight, but also to digestive problems and high blood pressure.

Create a joyful environment for yourself

Where do you mostly spend your time? Is it in your office? Or in your car? How do you feel when you look around? Do you feel happy? If not, the next step towards accepting your body and yourself is to create a nurturing environment. Surround yourself with things you love, be it flowers, positive messages, photos of your beloved ones, salt and aroma lamps or your favourite books. It is an act of self-love. If you spend time in a pleasant environment you will also feel the sense of pleasure. It is important that the things around you make you smile.

The loving touch ritual

Nothing can be simpler than to start being aware of one’s own body. Get yourself some pleasantly scented massage oil (we recommend lavender or rose) and give yourself a nice massage after an evening bath. Either sitting or lying down, massage your hands, legs, wrists, belly, arms and chest. Whilst doing this, try to breathe in self-love. You can try to repeat to yourself: “I love myself” or “I love you” in order to accept yourself. It is important to persevere and not to give up. You can practise this every evening if you like.

Find a place of sheer bliss

Everyone should have a place where they can go and feel utterly comfortable. It might be your favourite café serving the best coffee you know and which you can enjoy in a space giving out positive vibes. It could be the place behind your desk when working on your computer whilst sipping a nice cup of latte or your bedroom where you hole up with a good book. Have a think about where you would like to go. Do you fancy a walk in the woods? Take a boat trip with your friends? Go out to do some exercise? Dance? Loving yourself is also about filling your own tank with happiness. When full, you can give more to others.

Slow down

Life is hectic these days. Take a break and slow down. Relish those special moments when you don’t have to do anything, just get in touch with yourself and your body. Eat slowly without rushing. Every time you are about to eat, make sure you allow enough time for it without any distractions. Make sure you chew slowly and savour every mouthful. This will help you cultivate greater awareness of your body. A simple practice like this is important for you to feel at home in your body every day. Breathe. Take ten breaths and check your body. Do this every time before you continue with your daily tasks. Take a rest to recharge your batteries. It will help you to feel better in your body.  

Mirror practice

I’m sure you look in the mirror every day, even if it‘s just a quick glance. For many women, this might actually be a negative experience as it is at these moments that their harsh inner voice comes to the fore, scathing them for yet another wrinkle on their face, their awful complexion or those rolls of belly fat. Do not listen to this voice. Instead, look in the mirror, meet your eyes and say: “I love you“. Do it even if it makes you feel silly.


Try to practise your „gratitude ritual“ every morning and evening. It‘s a great tool to nurture self-love. All you need to do is to start. Just grab a pen and a notepad and every morning when you wake up and in the evening before going to bed jot down three things you are grateful for. It‘s an amazing way to honour yourself and your life. It is also a great opportunity to thank your body for being there for you – to express gratitude to your legs for carrying you, your eyes for your sight and your hands and arms for being able to write and give hugs.


Author: Aši

Photos: Depositphotos, KetoDiet


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