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How to survive going back to work without stress-related weight gain?

The summer is coming to an end. Is the upcoming season the time of year for advancing your career, to provide for your family and yet keep a healthy lifestyle? You know what needs to be done…

After the spring quarantine, most Czechs reconsidered their life priorities. They started to spend more time with their loved ones. They learned to organize their time better than any top manager, juggling online schooling classes, making meals and keeping up with their day-jobs in novel ways. Yet the most important novelty is that while putting in maximal effort, they didn’t forget about their own selves and kept their well-being in mind. Have you felt that kind of change, too? Great, because autumn is the perfect time to put it all into action!


The key to success is planning

“Start each day with a tidy desk. Set three priorities for the day and only add more once they’re done. During the day, it will also help to pause occasionally, close your eyes and breathe in and out deeply three times. It’s a good way how to let go of undesirable stress,” recommends Jiří Zadina, co-founder of the online program OfficeFitness.cz. And he has more good advice for tired eyes: “I recommend an exercise where every twenty minutes you take a twenty second look at something at least six meters away from you. It’s amazingly relaxing for the eyes.”


Spend as little time as you can online

Even if home working has become the new standard under quarantine, and suits you perfectly, don’t get distracted by it. As an example: Do you find yourself evading a burning deadline by browsing the internet, instead of finishing the project? Turn off your home Wi-Fi some of the time. Check your mail three times a day, you don’t have to write back to everyone right away (your colleagues surely do have your phone number).


Don’t forget your hobbies and interests

Did you dust off your sewing machine after many years? Did you reconnect by video calls with friends on the other side of the planet? Or have you been going dart-playing with a neighbour? Don’t give up your new found pastime, and give it a regular time slot (every evening, every Wednesday, every Friday). You don’t feel like going to Zumba today, because you got home tired from work? Oh, come on! “The brain is like a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. That’s the only way it accepts change,” the authors of motivational books keep emphasizing. Over time, you’ll find yourself more cheerful, more patient, more confident…


Eat well

Don’t rely on products full of sugars before each consultation or meeting. It may well perk you up at the time, but your stomach will all-too-soon start to grumble for more. Consider the fact that a healthy body needs not only valuable nutrients, but also some variety for the taste buds. That’s why it’s always worth planning your diet, just like other tasks (preferably a day in advance). Start off by writing down how much, what and when you eat during the entire day, have some well-tried dishes and why not consult a nutritionist, even.


Children go back to schoolGive some thought to your children’s free expression

One final tip for parents: Give your kids some slack. Before the school year starts, have a word with them about what activities they really enjoy, as opposed to just going along with you. So as long as you don’t forget to pamper yourselves (each other!) you’ll surely enjoy a glowing autumn!


Written by: Eva Šprincová

Photo: Unsplash


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