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How to slim down fast and effectively for swimsuit season? Follow proven tips

Young woman on the beach. There are ways how to slim down fast and effectively before summer.

Have you gained some kilos during the year and the moment of truth – swimsuit season – is coming? How to slim down your belly, thighs and hips fast? Don’t panic. It may be easier than you would expect. We will tell you how.

6 hints for losing weight fast

1. Clear goal

You’ve taken the first step: Set a precise, time-specific goal. Are going to go on summer holiday, wedding or barbecue party with your colleagues from work? You know the date and that you want to lose weight before it. Focus your efforts on that day and if you have weaker moments, repeat the date aloud.

2. Diet plan to reduce weight

You won’t succeed without changing your eating habits. But don’t mix up the terms. Losing weight is not equal to starving! Rely on a diet plan that will supply your body with necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals so that it does not suffer. You can try a protein diet to lose weight fast and easy.

KetoDiet protein meals and drinks are rich in proteins and low in carbohydrates. Their taste is excellent and you will lose weight fast and naturally.

What can you expect?

  • Balanced diet with minimum carbohydrates but great deal of proteins
  • Fast and efficient burning of extra fat
  • Excellent taste confirmed by thousands of positive reviews
  • Enough vegetables, healthy fats and regular drinking regime
  • Varied choice of protein meals and drinks, no monotony or stereotype
  • Simple preparation that will save hours of time
  • And maximum support of our nutrition specialists

Before starting with your slimming efforts find out which diet plan will suit you best. Our BMI calculator will help you.

Low overweightBASIC diet plan – duration 3x 2 weeks

Medium overweightMEDIUM diet plan – duration 3x 3 weeks

High overweightINTENSE diet plan – duration 3x 4 weeks

You can choose all value-for-money diet packs either as combined or drink versions. You can look forward to losing weight fast and to so needed motivation!

3. Regular exercise

Don’t overdo it with exercise during the first days of your reduction diet. You don’t want to “pull it off” in a week, but find out a style that will suit you in the long term. Go for walks, run for a bus, use stairs instead of lift, go to work by bike. Every bit of exercise helps. With losing kilos your body will start moving more and more easily. Our nutrition specialist Jiří Skála has written an article about how to do sport while on the diet.

Don’t expect immediate miracles. Only regular exercise will bring about the desired effect. Give your body enough time, keep going and be sure your efforts will be fruitful.

KetoDiet protein bars with chocolate, coconut-banana, fig, peanut or strawberry flavours will reliably satisfy your sweet tooth. And there isn’t any risk of extra kilos.

4. A bit different shopping

Can’t you avoid supermarkets since you shop for the whole family? Then avoid shelves with rapid sugars. Your children should eat sweets only rarely if you don’t want to cause them health problems. And of course, you shouldn’t eat sweets in your reduction diet at all. Swap sweets for protein bars with a thin layer of chocolate topping or enjoy one of our protein desserts.

5. Diet and alcohol – a shootout

It is very simple. Alcohol can’t be part of any diet. Even little amount can spoil your slimming efforts and you will have to start from scratch again. When you drink alcohol, your liver is busy with metabolizing it. And fat burning is side-tracked. You will deserve and can enjoy some alcohol while on the holiday, wedding or barbecue party that were the reasons why you started losing weight. Do you remember?

6. A lot of sleep, little stress

Think about you in the first place. Relax, regenerate, reward yourself for any little success. Sometimes “clear your head”. If there is a busy day ahead of you, get ready with a brisk walk, not chocolate. The effect will be better and your body and mind will rejoice.

Don’t undermine high-quality sleep. Specialists say that you should sleep at least 7 hours a day. Sleep is essential for several reasons:

  • regulates hormone release
  • reduces the risk of some diseases (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes as well as obesity)
  • improves memory and concentration
  • has a positive effect on metabolism and immune system
  • reduces risk of anxiety and depression

You can support good function of your body with high-quality food supplements. KetoDiet HEAT not only helps to burn fat but contributes to regeneration and fatigue reduction. If you have worse quality of hair and skin with shedding off kilos, have a look at our article about which nutrients should not be missing in your diet.

Author: Tereza Břízová

Photo: KetoDiet, Unsplash

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