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Lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Reality or fiction?

Muscle gain and fat loss are two opposing goals. So it seems impossible to achieve both at once. Or is it indeed so? We'll tell you what to focus on to reach your goal.

For fat loss, you need to get into a caloric deficit, which means that the energy output should be higher than its intake. The opposite is true of muscle gain. However, despite this, it is possible to lose weight while gaining muscle mass. But logically, it has its challenges.

Beginners have the best chance.

Losing fat while building muscle is possible. This condition can be achieved by overweight beginners, obese people or athletes after a long training break. But untrained beginners have the greatest pre-disposition, as their bodies have a great ability to use excess fat as a source of energy for muscle growth. However, even this ability is only temporary and only one goal can be achieved once the body adapts to the load,”

Jiří Skála, CrossFit coach and nutritionist, says.

What to focus on when you want to lose weight?

Each body is an original, and the metabolism of each of us works differently. Somebody can eat whatever they want and not gain a gram, someone else walks past a doughnut and is a kilo heavier. That's a bit of an exaggeration, of course, but many will find themselves in it. Yet there are general factors that have a major impact on weight loss.

4 keys to successful weight loss

Protein soups KetoDiet

1. Diet

If you want to lose weight, you have to build up a caloric deficit. That means you take in less energy than you expend. But to lose weight healthily, you need not confuse it with not eating at all. What matters is a sufficient supply of protein to reduce weight from fat stocks, not muscle mass. Moreover, proteins have the highest satiating effect of all macronutrients, so we should not feel hungry if we eat enough of them. You can supplement quality protein through KetoDiet protein meals and beverages. Take a look at what the diet consists of while losing weight with ketodiet.

However, we must not forget the other two macronutrients. The intake of fats, which have a lot of important functions in the body, is also extremely important - it dissolves vitamins, healthy fats contribute to proper functioning of the nervous system, etc. Especially in terms of energy, carbohydrates are also important for us.

So you always need to consider the total energy intake and distribute it into individual macronutrients depending on your lifestyle (work, exercise, stress, etc.).

Physical activity2. Physical activity

Long-term physical activity is extremely important. Our body is designed to move, so you should devote a minimum of 10 hours a week to leisure physical activity. A combination of cardiovascular training (running, cycling, swimming, walking) and strength training (weight-lifting, yoga) is ideal. Read our article on how to do sports during weight loss.

3. Sleep

Another extremely significant factor. For sleep to be of good quality, conditions must be created for it and a minimum of 7 hours a day devoted to it.

Regular sleep should provide our bodies with sufficient regeneration and hormonal balance. Hormones are extremely important in losing weight. For example, almost all sex and growth hormones have the highest release levels at night,"

adds Jiří Skála.

4. Stress

Stress is perhaps the most important factor affecting successful weight loss. Again, hormones play an important role in this respect. The hormone cortisol releases into your body under stress, which can make losing weight much more difficult. In some people, it even causes the opposite effect of gaining weight. Long-term starvation, sleep deprivation, minimal physical activity and minimal exposure to nature and fresh air are also strongly related to stress.

We can consciously influence all of these circumstances, thereby reducing the risk of excessive stress and poor hormone function. This is very closely related to the quality of our lives and overall satisfaction.

If you're worried about being overweight and want to start a new lifestyle, we suggest you focus on losing weight in the first place. This will also do the greatest service to your health. Add regular physical activity and trust that the muscles will "find" you. If you would like to gain muscle mass on a larger scale, continue with different types of exercise and adjusting your diet. Preferably under expert supervision. Believe that success will imbue you with additional motivation and good humour to a level that nothing can stop you from pursuing your dream.

We wish you every success in shaping your dream figure. And remember, it's easier to go on without stress.

Author: Tereza Břízová

Photo: Unsplash, KetoDiet, Tereza Břízová

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