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How to lose weight effectively while having a sedentary job? Most frequent mistakes won’t knock you down

Do you want to lose weight but one of the obstacles (and often your favourite excuse) is that you sit at work all day? Sedentary job does not help with losing weight very much but it is possible to lose weight even in an office. But first you should avoid frequent mistakes. How to do it?


Discover frequent mistakes during weight losing while having a sedentary job and start avoiding them


1. You sit, sit and sit all the time

You can be active even in an office. Just go for it. Start right from the morning. Walk to work or get off the bus a few stops earlier and walk the rest. Fit people may run or cycle to work and use stairs instead of lifts. Getting more oxygen in the morning is great not only for your fitness but it will start your brain as well. But this should not be the end of the morning activities. What about walking to your colleague’s offices and talking to them in person instead of calling them or sending them an e-mail? You will get a more pleasant and effective talk and will burn some calories from your breakfast. Later, walk for lunch or at least move from your desk to the kitchen or canteen. Beware of “drowsing” after lunch. Take a smartwatch or set reminders to stand up from your chair. Take a few steps, make yourself coffee, take a cup to your colleague in the adjacent office or even better to those who are one floor upstairs and happily continue working.


Physiotherapist’s advice: Make phone calls while standing and wish an over ball for Christmas

Sedentary job gives our body a hard time. Our lumbar and cervical spine as well as shoulders suffer most. You may also suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or swollen feet. “The above conditions are due to the lack of movement since the muscles in the respective areas do not get the chance to stretch and contract,” says Veronika Málková, Chrudim Hospital physiotherapist. “This may manifest by tension, stress or even pain and not only in the affected area,” adds the expert on motor apparatus.

Pay attention to the way you sit. Incorrect sitting position without both feet resting on the floor and the whole-body weight on the tailbone – by the way, aren’t you sitting with your legs crossed just now? – puts extreme pressure on your lumbar spine. Another frequent cause of problems with spine is inappropriate workplace ergonomics. Adapt your seat and your spine, knuckles and muscles will be grateful. And you will avoid premature fatigue. How to do it?

Devote 10 minutes every hour to “sitting balance”

Start with sitting on gymball, balance wedge, pad or overball,” advises the physiotherapist. Do not forget about your lower back. Underlay your lower back with a backrest – a roller or only overball. “The equipment will help you to have good posture but keep in mind that even this healthier way of sitting is still only sitting. Change often your position or try doing simple activities like going through documents or making phone calls while standing,” concludes Veronika Málková.


Losing weight fast in an office with KetoDiet. Work also while standing2. Secret drawer full of fast sugars

Do you also have your drawer or cupboard of supplies? Well done! We all must work long sometimes or skip lunch because of a meeting. But focus on the right content compatible with weight losing. “Avoid simple carbohydrates in biscuits, chocolates, sweets and add proteins and healthy fats. You can digest them better and will feel full longer,” says Martina Dvořáková, a nutritional specialist. Keep single serving protein drinks at hand; only mix them with water, or bite into a protein baguette without remorse. If you can’t do without a hot meal, our protein soups ready in a minute will save you. Protein bar or a few unsalted nuts will suit you when you have a sweet tooth. Be ware of supposed healthy müsli bars or so-called protein bars with high content of sugar. You may also prepare a plate with vegetables on your desk in the morning and keep picking at it all day so you do not get hungry.


3. Coffee after you get up, espresso in the morning, latte after lunch and no water

You can’t lose weight without proper drinking regime. It is necessary not only to hydrate the body thoroughly and regularly but to get rid of harmful substances as well. Unfortunately, you will not succeed with five cups of coffee, which dehydrate the body, and without any glass of water. “You may not be surprised that coffee or black tea do not count into drinking regime. Drink water and add lemon, cucumber, raspberries or mint to improve the taste or drink different types of mineral water without added sugar,” lists the nutritional specialist. Do you forget to drink during the day? Put a jar or bottle of water on your desk in the morning and make sure they are empty when you leave work. Sufficient fluid intake has another bonus in terms of extra active movement. More water = more often standing up and going to toilet.

Protein KetoDiet Coffee will help you to lose weight in an officeHow much water should you drink in one day? It is approximately 40 ml per 1 kg of your weight.

Extra hint! Coffee and dietary snack all in one? Try protein coffee with chocolate flavour.


4. Skipping meals. Breakfast and snacks are necessary

Setting the right diet for a sedentary job is not easy. You often feel that if you only sit you don’t need any energy. But in the evening, you are hungry as a wolf and you devour all missing calories at once. “Focus on regular light food and do not give your body a chance to store fat for “worse” times that come when you skip a meal,” says Martina Dvořáková. Eat smaller portions every 2 to 3 hours or on the contrary eat only 3 times a day but a fair portion of necessary nutrients. “Your diet that would support your weight loss should contain enough vegetables and fruit, proteins in the form of high quality meat, fish and unsalted dairy products, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bakery products, couscous, bulgur or brown rice,” adds the nutritional specialist. You shouldn’t avoid nourishing legumes and if you prepare them correctly you will not be as flatulent as you would think. But avoid lunch menus that are too fatty, fried or stuffed with carbohydrates and become frequent stumbling block.

You do not dare setting your diet to lose weight yourself? Try one of our easy diet plans, prepared by experienced nutritional specialists. You will not only lose weight but also adopt good eating habits.

Which diet plan should I choose? We will calculate it for you and clamp your extra kilos. -> Try simple BMI calculator.


5. Concentrate while eating

Do not devour your breakfast or lunch above your keyboard. Eat calmly and enjoy every mouthful, which you should bite thoroughly. Thanks to conscious eating you will unwind, feel full longer and be more productive later when resuming work.

We hope you do not find losing weight in an office difficult any more. Once these simple rules become automatic you will never want to do it differently. Since you will be slimmer and more satisfied. Be patient and looks full of admiration (not only) from your colleagues will start coming.


Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová
Photos: KetoDiet, Unsplash


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