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How to enjoy a summer party even when on a diet

Summer is knocking on the door and your diary is quickly filling up (invitations to beer gardens and weekend barbecues in particular seem to dominate your schedule). Relax! This year’s party marathon will be plain sailing for you – guilt-free and most importantly, without putting on even a gram of fat!


1. Go out to keep illness at bay!

After a several months’ lockdown, meeting your friends legally again shouldn’t be taken for granted. Don’t even think about turning down the invitation to a Saturday get-together, whatever reason you might have. Apart from enhancing our social well-being, outdoor social events also have many health benefits. Not only will the sun rays make happiness hormones dance in your blood, but you will also get a much-needed dose of vitamin D (deficient in most people of Central Europe). By the way, twenty minutes in the sun is perfectly sufficient, so even just “popping in” at a party will save you a trip to a pharmacy.


2. Can’t eat anything? Then at least stick to your strategy.

Have you been following a diet that is really important for you at the moment (e.g. you are just at a particular stage of your diet plan or on a special regime advised by your doctor)? Well, it’s not rocket science – make sure you eat properly before you leave the house. And to prevent falling for anything unhealthy at the party, follow psychologists’ advice: focus on the people, not the food. Talk to those you haven’t seen for ages and you like. Meet new people and keep your mind occupied without wondering whether the buffet is gluten free, vegan or zero carb. A glass of still water in your hand or a chewing gum in your mouth to momentarily trick your taste buds can be a great help in such situations. You can also help yourself to some vegetables like broccoli, courgette, cucumber, spinach, cabbage, green pepper or avocado. These green gems are an important source of vitamins and thanks to their low carbohydrate content they won’t cause any harm to your diet regime.


3. Get your body ready and go!

Do you practise moon salutation as part of your daily evening routine? Not that we want to underestimate your determination, but somehow it seems unlikely that you will be able to get to your ritual after a fun party. It’s much better if you think ahead and reorganize the day of the party and do a series of sun salutations first thing in the morning. You will be buzzing with energy even if you don’t get to bed until the early hours of the following morning. And if you already know that you will not want to hold back in the evening, add some cardio workout to your usual exercise routine (no need to rush to the gym though, just jump on your bike for a 30-minute post-lunch ride). Don’t worry, a one-off diversion from your routine won’t jeopardize your regime! Interestingly, an experiment carried out by researchers from the University of Oregon has shown that the brains of people who treat themselves only very rarely, have a much stronger response to a feast compared to people who indulge in treats every day. So at the end of the day, your occasional indulgences will actually reinforce your regime.


4. A smart plate

Worried that you’ll scoff anything that will come your way at the party whilst busy chatting? Again, there is a way to prevent this: once you have arrived at the party, check the host’s menu carefully (don’t be shy to ask them about what’s on offer and what else is going to be served) and put on your plate just the food that you are absolutely sure won’t disrupt your dietary regime. In this way, you will have full control over your dinner.


5. This is better than nothing...

Having an outrageous craving for a juicy steak? Healthy barbecuing can easily accommodate good-quality chicken or turkey meat that is rich in protein and promotes the building of muscle tissue (which in turn helps to keep the yo-yo effect at bay). Grilled chops or pork tenderloin are also good. If fish is being served, feel free to help yourself too. However, steer clear of white bread, heavy mayonnaise, chips or grilled Camembert! The taste of meat is nicely complemented by fresh herbs, tzatziki and salads – all safe options.

Pina Colada Flavour Protein DrinkAnd what about alcoholic drinks? Whatever you decide to have, brace yourself for a surge of calories. However, if you are deciding between beer with a high glycaemic index, supersweet cocktails and wine, then the wine is your best bet. Nonetheless, two decilitres of wine contain as many calories as a full-fat cheesecake.

If you don’t want to miss out on summer drinks, yet alcohol is not what you’re after, we have prepared a refreshing Piňa Colada protein drink for you.


6. And if all else fails...

Wherever you are going, it is likely that you know the event’s organizer or one of the main guests. Therefore, feel free to give them a call beforehand and explain that, although you are keen to enjoy their company, you won’t be eating the food. If you let your friends know in advance, there’s a chance they might still accommodate your culinary needs or they will even let you bring your own food. And that’s much more manageable, isn’t it? So go and have a great time!


Author: Eva Šprincová

Photo: Unsplash


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