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How to do (pre-Christmas) cleaning and lose weight. Just watch out for a simple thing

How to replace an hour of exercise with cleaning? It is possible! Join two physically demanding activities in one and gain one hour. And then spend the hour as you wish. Find out how to do it.

Pre-Christmas cleaning is waiting for almost all of us. And if you do it with zest and energy, you may burn some of your fat pads. Instead of doing online exercise for one hour, do thorough cleaning and apart from endorphins you will gain an hour of free time. And it is valuable.

Which house chores will help you with losing weight?

Every cleaning is different. When you do dusting, switch on the dishwasher, washing machine and water the plants all loosey-goosey, you cannot think you have done any workout. But if you do cleaning thoroughly fats start shivering. Which house chores are best for losing weight?

You will burn on average between 1,300 and 1,400 kJ per hour by doing workout or yoga at home. If you compare that with some of the house chores, you will find out that scrubbing the floor, raking the garden or painting will help you burning many more calories, as well as vacuum cleaning or window washing. Combine your “training” according to your needs or disorder.

Do the cleaning and lose weight. Go at it and your fats will disappear

(The Least) Favourite House Chore > How many kilojoules (kJ) per hour will you burn?*

  • Cooking or washing dishes > 829 kJ
  • Dusting > 841 kJ
  • Tree and bush cutting > 1 168 kJ
  • Vacuum cleaning > 1 302 kJ
  • Window washing or carpet beating > 1 340 kJ
  • Painting > 1407 kJ
  • Leaf-raking or flower bed smoothing > 1 440 kJ
  • Scrubbing the floor or tiles > 1 821 kJ
  • Moving furniture > 2 009 kJ

Beware of the most frequent mistake!

When you start doing the cleaning and you want to do some exercise, the cleaning should be intensive and in a quite fast pace. Hold on for at least three quarters of an hour. You can do vacuum cleaning for half an hour and continue scrubbing the floor for half an hour (ideally using a cloth and bucket, not the comfortable mop). You will burn approx. 1,550 kJ, which is even more compared to one hour of playing badminton.

Did you know that when you take care of a baby you will burn 1,000 kJ per hour? Lifting the baby, nappy changing, dressing and bathing is quite demanding. Babysit for one afternoon – be it your grandchild on any other beloved one – and you will enjoy the movement twice as much.

*Figures mentioned above are only indicative, everyone burns calories differently. It depends on your health condition, metabolism, sex, weight as well as your past diets.

Data source: kaloricke-tabulky.cz/aktivity

You may start cleaning and lose weight but do not undermine your diet

Even not so popular house chores can help you losing weight. That may be the reason for stopping postponing them and starting to look forward to them. Keep in mind that they are only a part of your efforts. Complement the energetic cleaning with jogging, bicycling or circuit training. Doing it regularly is the essential. Move actively at least three times a week for about 45 minutes.

Have you been moving actively for some time but haven’t lost weight as you planned? Focus on your diet. Eat variety of healthy food. Maybe you think that changing your diet before Christmas is pointless, but quite the contrary. You can start eating more vegetables, fruit, enough high quality proteins, healthy fats as well as complex carbohydrates. Avoid simple carbohydrates and trans fats. If you are not sure how to put together a diet plan, try it with our sample diet plans or contact our experienced nutrition advisors, who will provide individual consultations free of charge.

PD: Enjoy Christmas without remorse due to all goodies you have eaten. Follow our website where you will learn simple and functional hints.

Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photo: Pexels

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