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How to organise (oneself) correctly. An effective manual for home, work and weight loss

The last few months haven't been easy for any of us, but we're looking forward to better days. Be prepared for the New Year and welcome it with a new attitude. Give your life in order. How? It's easier than you'd expect.

Have a plan, a detailed plan!

It seems simple, but scheduling a week for yourself, let alone for a whole family, is hard. But with our brief manual, you can do it easily. Help yourself with tips and tricks such as shared calendars (e.g. the "google calendars"), whiteboards in plain sight, but also plain to-do lists.

We recommend, first of all, establishing a large overall weekly schedule. Either online or in physical form. Anyone who prefers a tangible schedule can use coloured Post-It notes and write individual activities on them. Each colour will then have a meaning, e.g. type of activity - work, personal space, housework, or you can allocate favourite colours to each member of the schedule.

Regular short meetings and overview are essential

When to prepare the weekly schedule? It may sound ridiculous to plan a family or partner meeting now, but sitting down every Sunday evening for 15 minutes before dinner and telling one another what's important in the coming week will become a welcome routine. Choose one minutes taker who will then write down all the essential activities in your shared calendar that evening or post them on the whiteboard. That way, you'll have a solid schedule available to you and your loved ones at all times.

“If you learn to plan properly, you'll have more time for yourself.”

The big schedule will be a rough picture of your week. Now divide your own weekly schedule into days and write a seemingly ordinary to-do list for each day. Start your 'to-do list' always with 'the biggest bite' and finish it with the activity you're most looking forward to. The sooner you accomplish difficult tasks, the more time you'll have for pleasant things.

If you learn to plan your days right, not only will you be able to fall asleep in the evening peacefully, you'll also have more time for yourself. But enter your hour or half an hour into your schedule, too, so you don't forget yourself. Don't leave your “time” to chance. You'll always need to turn on the washing machine, clean the dishwasher, check the homework, etc.

A tested tip! Don't cling to things and accumulate them

Do you believe that planning and ownership of things are not connected? At first glance, perhaps not. But if you have a lot of (often unnecessary) things around you, they'll distract you from your plan. We're not suggesting you get rid of all your material memories, not at all. From time to time, though, it would be a good idea to sort out wardrobes, kitchen drawers or work files, wouldn't it? It will make you and your space breathe much easier.

One capability, multifunctional use

We've already discussed that it's not just work-related stuff or housework that you need to plan. You can also organise your personal activities properly. It will be a great way to reconcile your time with your mundane duties, and what's more, you'll have a detailed overview of everything, to which you can return at any time.

Detailed organisation of time will make your life easier. Whether it's sports, diet menu, or hanging out with your friend over coffee. If one of your most important resolutions is to lose weight, your diet plan and training schedule will underscore your efforts, and the kilos will disappear more easily. Write down all the successes (but also the failures). How about getting a motivational diary? It will help you keep your to-do lists, thoughts, and tips for easier and faster weight loss always handy.

Be (yourself) honest with yourself, but not too hard

Try to follow the outlined plan. However, should it happen that an event or event cannot take place, let everyone involved know. On time! You'll avoid comments like 'I was counting on picking my son up from practice' or 'I already ordered food for the party'.

New ideas don't always meet with success right away. So try giving the new system a chance for at least five weeks. But if this way of planning doesn't work in your home, don't worry about it. Perhaps the strict timetable simply doesn't fit you. Always be authentic in the first place.

A successful New Year!

Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photo: Unsplash, KetoDiet

Are you planning to lose weight in the New Year? We're adding useful tips that won't finally make you lose your motivation.

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