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Here they are back! Limited edition of Red Berry Flavour Protein Bars

We are bringing back your favourite protein bars with the flavour of red berries. Jazz up your healthy diet with the red berries flavour without compromising your slimming.

As the summer is approaching, Red Berry Flavour Protein Bars are back after a year. Take this refreshing bar with red berry flavour dipped in chocolate with you when travelling.


Why you should choose our red berry bars

  • They contain hardly any sugar
  • They are packed with quality protein and necessary vitamins.
  • They are always at hand when you start feeling peckish.
  • They are a great ready-made snack.
  • Two bars = one full meal
  • You can enjoy them right from Step 1 of our diet plans, but also to make your ordinary diet more varied.

So hurry up before it’s too late! Red Berry Flavour Protein Bars are only a limited edition.

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