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Find the right motivation! Lose weight because you love yourself

Your favourite dress won’t do up, your partner is admiring the figure of another woman and walking up the third floor feels like climbing Mount Everest. Sounds familiar? No doubt your self-confidence has been badly bruised and you might feel ugly and unworthy. Is this the right reason to spur you into action though?

Don’t get swept away by the so called negative motivation which is driven by your perceived deficiencies. Such motivation tends to come and go very quickly. “Before you throw yourself into any weight-loss diet and regular exercise regime, make sure you find a positive reason for the change in your life. Don’t try to lose weight in order to stop feeling fat; eat a healthy diet because you love your body and because you want to feel happy about yourself. In this way, you will shed those extra kilos in no time,” says Martina Dvořáková, a KetoDiet diet coach who has been advising on healthy eating for more than 15 years.

One plate, two different mindsets

Do you eat healthy foods for fear of putting on weight or because you simply love the taste? Same meal on your plate, two different attitudes. Remember when that slim friend of yours was telling you that she can eat anything she likes? You probably didn’t believe her at the time or thought something about life not being fair when some people seem to be blessed with a speedy metabolism. The thing is though, people like your friend don’t perceive a balanced diet and regular exercise as something to be endured but see it rather as part of their lifestyle that they wouldn’t give up for the world. They listen to their body and know that a light and regular low-carb diet with plenty of essential protein is good not just for their body but their soul too. “You should always want the best for yourself. Eat healthy and good-quality foods, find such forms of exercise you will enjoy, get plenty of sleep and eliminate any negative factors from your environment, be it bad-tempered people or unnecessary stress,” advises Martina Dvořáková. Not even tens of kilos dropped through your hard work and determination will bring you happiness and improved self-esteem if you set out on your slimming journey for wrong reasons.

Reward yourself with praise

Any step in the right direction, be it a change to your diet or completing your first exercise session, deserves a reward. You have managed to muster the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do something for yourself, which is no easy task. Are you feeling happier? Give yourself some praise. More than once if needed! There’s usually no one else to do it for you anyway. :-) Willingness and determination to change something in life require a great deal of courage, patience and strength. You might also be confronted with surprised or even negative reactions from the people around you. Don’t let them sway you and keep your resolve and determination. Not sure how to get started? There’s specialist help at hand. If a healthy and balanced diet is not part of your usual lifestyle, reach out to get some advice.  Whether you opt for an effective protein diet or find another way to make yourself blossom, don’t struggle on your own. It’s a waste of time sitting at home and stressing about what and when you should be eating.

Have you slipped up?  Let it go

Despite being good at sticking to your diet plan, there might be moments when a glass of wine with your friends or a piece of that delicious cake that your mum made will get the better of you. “Things like this happen. It’s important not to get too worked up about it. Just let it go and be ok with it,” recommends Martina Dvořáková. The worst that can happen is that losing weight will just take a little bit longer. “Slimming is not a competition. No one will take any points off you for an occasional transgression. “Also, you will need strength, energy and confidence to be able to change your attitude towards yourself, so don’t waste them on getting too stressed about one slip up,” adds Martina.

Pamper your body and soul

To show your body (and yourself) your appreciation, look after it. It’s the only body you will ever have and your investment in it will definitely pay off. Can you think of a better way to make your day than a relaxing massage, sauna, wellness session or a visit to a cosmetic salon? However, pampering treatments that leave you feeling fresh and relaxed are only one part of the story. When it comes to looking after your body, regular exercise is just as important. “You might be surprised to find out that physical activity is also rewarding for the brain. Exercise, or muscle exertion to be precise, triggers the release of anti-stress hormones (endorphins) into the blood stream which in turn will make you feel happy and in good spirits,” concludes Martina Dvořáková.

Whether you enjoy weight lifting, dancing, running, yoga or any other form of exercise, let this activity charge you with positive energy and spring fatigue won’t stand a chance!


Authors: Nikola Nevečeřalová, Veronika Vágnerová

Photos: Depositphotos


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