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Drinking regime crystal clear. Find answers to all your questions

Stay hydrated easily with a stylish water bottle.

Colder weather is not ideal for drinking regime. Who would feel like drinking cold water with autumn at the door? Put on a jumper and drink a glass (of water). Today, you will learn everything you need to know about the drinking regime. And not only when you are on a diet.

How much water should I drink? Forget the universal 2 litres and try a simple calculation of your drinking regime

We always hear we should drink at least 2 litres of water per day. It is true that most of us won’t make a mistake with this popular rule. But it is much more precise to calculate the recommended amount of water on the basis of your weight. Try out a simple drinking regime calculator.

You should drink 30-40 ml of water a day per 1 kilogram of your weight.

So, if you weigh 70 kilograms, you should drink between 2,100 and 2,800 ml of water per day. And you should consider other variables, such as your age, health condition, diet and physical activity. If you work manually and after work you run around your kids, dog, cooking, shopping or you even find time to go to the gym, you certainly need to drink more than your office mate that goes home by car and gets her shopping and dinner delivered.

Drinking regime calculator

1 kg of weight = 30–40 ml of water per day.

When you are busy it is difficult to monitor the amount of water you drink. Particularly, if you are not used to drinking regularly. In such a case, take at least 1.5l bottle in the morning and make sure you will drink all the water before you finish working, and add a few glasses more when you arrive home. You should drink water continuously throughout the day. If you drink 1 litter of water before you go to sleep, your full bladder might kill your sleep.

Have you got your drinking bottle?

A water bottle is a great buddy in following the drinking regime.

How to make water taste better so it tastes good even in cold weather?

Even though you have drinking tap water, some of you may not like its taste. What is more, we have different types of water– “soft”, “hard” – with different ratios of minerals. In order to have water with neutral taste and without any harmful substances, it is good to filter it.

If you mind even filtered water or bottled plain mineral water you can try to make water taste better. Liven up your drinking regime with one of the sugar free syrups, which will not threaten your weight loss. Apart from syrups you can flavour plain water also in other simple ways, e.g. with herbs, fruit as well as vegetables.

What can I drink apart from water, and not only when on a diet?

Plain water should become the basis of your drinking regime. Even during weight loss, you can add thin fruit or green tea, mineral water or very diluted vegetable or fruit juices not only for more variety but also to replenish important minerals. Just watch the carb content if you follow one of the three steps of KetoDiet. Apart from drinking regime juices can make a light snack.

What shall I (not) include in the drinking regime?

KetoDiet protein coffee with minimum sugar can complement your drinking regime, recharge your batteries and fill you up.


Your favourite coffee will supply your body with fluid and energy but at the same time it will dehydrate you. It has a diuretic effect on your body, therefore do not include it in your drinking regime. Compensate one cup of coffee with at least as big glass of water. Of course, you can drink it while on the diet, coffee will not spoil your drinking regime or weight loss.


Yes, in contrast to coffee, tea counts in the drinking regime. You can vary fruit, herbs or rooibos tea. Be more careful with green and black tea. It contains theine, so it has some alert and diuretic effects. But it is not as diuretic as coffee. And if you follow a diet plan, do not drink detox lymphatic tea since KetoDiet itself is sufficient detox for your body.


Soup will supply the body with approx. 2 dcl of liquid. And broths can fill and warm you up. But do not include them in the drinking regime. And watch what other substances apart from fluid you get into your body. If, for instance, you have a really salty soup, you will be thirstier afterwards. And cream and creamy soups may give you as much energy as the whole main course.

What about having one of the protein soups for lunch?

Sweetened soft drinks, juices

Sweetened soft drinks and juices count in the drinking regime, but watch the amount you drink. And if you are on the diet or follow healthy lifestyle try to avoid them. Sweet drinks contain hidden sugar and apart from “fast” energy will give your body also loads of calories. For example, one glass of coca cola – only 200 ml – means 5 lumps of sugar in your body.

KetoDiet protein strawberry smoothie with minimum sugar will quench your thirst and fill you up.

Protein drinks, yogurts and yogurt drinks

In case of yogurt and protein drinks read the carb (and sugar) content or better make your own yogurt smoothie from milk, a spoon of plain yogurt and a few pieces of fruit at home. You can have a great morning snack ready in a minute. And if you are busy, have a 'ready to go' protein smoothie. You can count protein drinks as well as milk in your drinking regime and you may be surprised that plain yogurt contains more than 80% of water.

What can I have instead of permitted milk when on the diet?

Permitted food on Ketodiet includes 200 ml of milk per day. Some people take it in coffee, or add it to a dietary recipe, but what if you do not want to drink coffee with milk or milk alone? Did you know you can replace it in your diet with e.g. time to time?

  • 150 g of plain farmhouse yogurt with 3.5% fat,
  • 80 g cream plain yogurt with 10% fat,
  • or 80 g semi-skimmed curd cheese.

HINT! Milk alternatives go well with a protein pancake.

Fruit and vegetables

Most types of vegetables (e.g. cucumber, tomatoes, ice lettuce, broccoli) and fruit (strawberries and grapefruit) contain more than 90% of water. Therefore, they can complement your drinking regime nicely. And you will get loads of necessary vitamins, minerals and important fibre for better digestion to your body. However, do not count them in your drinking regime.


If you want to lose weight or live healthy, do not drink alcohol at all. With regard to fluid intake, the same applies to alcohol as to coffee. You get fluid into your body, but with a diuretic effect, so always compensate it with plain water. Do not include it in your drinking regime.

Did your mouth go dry after reading all the information? There is nothing complicated about the drinking regime. Just watch that you drink enough and are not dehydrated but do not overdo it so that you feel well in your body.


Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photo: KetoDiet

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