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Do dieting and family life go together? Yes, easily!

Do you want to lose weight but are worried that your family will hold you back? Join the club! One of the most common reasons given for failing at dieting is an excuse that you can never lose weight if you have a family. People will tell you that it’s simply not possible to be preparing two different sets of meals and that you just can’t serve that lasagne you’ve made for your partner and kids without tasting it first. Read on to find out that you CAN lose weight whilst keep your husband and children fed and happy. It’s easier than you think.

You need support! Dieting in women versus men – spot the difference

Have you ever noticed that when a woman is trying to lose weight, she still carries on cooking the usual meals for her partner and kids? However, when it comes to men, they often assume that their weight-loss journey will be made smooth for them – healthy foods waiting for them in the cupboard and any potential temptations like sweets, white bread or bottles of beer in the fridge carefully removed from their sight. Who then, do you think, gets an easier dieting ride? Before you set out on your slimming journey, have a chat with your partner. A successful weight loss also depends on your emotional well-being which is closely linked to your partner’s understanding and his unwavering support.

Make healthy foods welcome in your kitchen and the whole family will get trim

Before you start dieting, get your family on board by slowly introducing them to the new regime. It will save you a lot of hassle in the future. How to go about it? Make sure that you add a portion of vegetables to every meal you make. Also, try to introduce new, healthier foods into your family diet. Why not make some changes to your side dishes? Try swapping your usual potatoes, pasta, rice or dumplings for sweet potatoes, wholemeal couscous, bulgur wheat, buckwheat, red lentils or chickpeas. Add some roast vegetables – good combinations are pumpkin and beetroot or celeriac and aubergine.


It’s also time to simplify your cooking. There’s no need for you to be making elaborate sauces and two-course meals every day. Why not just prepare a slice of lean meat or a piece of fish accompanied with a vegetable salad and a wholemeal roll? Your dinner will be ready in half an hour and your family will love it.


Be inspired by many more healthy recipes based on the latest nutritional guidelines prepared for you by our dieticians.


How will my family react to the changes to their diet?

“Your new healthy diet is a fantastic opportunity to subtly modify the eating habits of the whole family. And that’s worth a try,” says our dietician Martina Dvořáková. Children often copy adults, so if you are eating healthily, they will naturally follow your example. One day they will thank you for introducing them to this healthy habit. It has been shown that childhood obesity, which currently poses a problem for most developed countries, is down not just to your genetics but is often a result of unhealthy eating habits adopted in the family. And what about your partner? Most of all, he should be your rock on your journey to your healthier and slimmer you. Not only will he soon notice the progress you have made, he will also feel it in his own body.

Get excited! The first step on your slimming journey feels like a nice treat

How to put slimming with your family into action? An easy way to kick start your metabolism is to choose one of our ready-made diet plans. It will save you lots of time and hassle not having to count calories. Also, forget about making two sets of meals. The vegetables you will be preparing will be for the whole family. In the meantime, you will have a filling protein drink and also manage to whip up a protein pudding which will be waiting for you in the fridge to be enjoyed as breakfast the following morning. Almost all of the protein meals, which you will be having 5 times a day during Step 1 of your keto diet, are really quick to prepare. In Step 2, you can have some meat, fish or egg omelettes for dinner with your family. Finally, Step 3 is a gradual transition to a healthy diet which you can also “prescribe” to the rest of your family.


Family siesta! Do you love to end your family Sunday lunch on a sweet note? Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on your favourite moment even when on a diet. Try our butter protein croissant with a hazelnut spread.


How should you go about tasting the meals before serving whilst on a diet? “There’s no need for tasting. It is actually an issue of willpower. You can still prepare meals without tasting them. Besides, you will always find some volunteers at home who will happily taste the food for you,” advises our dietician.

The yo-yo effect won’t stand a chance in your post-diet life

You’ve made it! You’ve managed to drop one, maybe even two dress sizes and are now trying to figure out what you are going to eat as a family in your post-diet life. Try some tips from our dietician Martina Dvořáková who cooks for herself and her large family almost every day. All she needs to do with her meals is just to tweak them a bit so that they fit in her low-carb diet. You can do the same. “I always make sure that the basic recipe is the same for everyone so that I don’t have to cook two entirely different meals. I then replace a part of that recipe with a suitable substitute or I just give it a miss.”

Low-carb diet & family cooking – practical tips by Martina Dvořáková:

  • “I serve a slice of meat with mashed potatoes to my family whilst I have some mashed cauliflower instead of the potatoes.
  • When having burger and chips, I will have the burger but not the bun. The salad and the cheese are ok. Instead of potato chips, I throw some celeriac or sweet potato chips into the roasting tin.
  • Instead of coating my fillets or fish in batter, I just place them on a baking parchment together with vegetables and cook them in the oven.
  • When we are having meat, puréed spinach and potatoes, I will only have the meat and the spinach. Similarly, when having roast duck, sauerkraut and dumplings, I will just have the duck breast and the sauerkraut.”


Great tip! “I never use flour as a soup thickener. Instead, I spoon out a portion of the contents of the soup, blend it, stir it back in and cook for a bit more. No one will notice!”


Is the idea of serving your family a healthy diet less daunting now? So when are you going to give it a go?


Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photo: KetoDiet


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