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Protein mash - the options are endless! Try our tips

If your morning is not complete without a sweet breakfast, we have some great tips in store for you. Try swapping wholemeal cakes and oats that are full of carbohydrates for protein mash. You will discover that a protein-rich breakfast will set you up for the day, leaving you feeling fresh and full of energy. Besides, the protein mash is ready in just a few minutes.

Protein-packed breakfast in no time

Although the outside temperature might feel a little bit warmer these days, we’re still in for cold mornings for the next couple of months. Why not warm up the start of your day with a sweet, yet diet breakfast? Unlike traditional porridge or semolina that are high in carbohydrates, the protein mash will provide your healthy diet with much needed protein. Thanks to the high protein content, you will feel full for longer and your muscles will be happy too as it is the protein that protects the muscle mass.

Also, the protein mash is very quick to make – all you need to do is to mix it with cold water or milk (ideally lactose-free, i.e. without milk sugar) and heat it up in a microwave. Once ready, you can jazz it up with other healthy ingredients to suit your taste. Get inspired by our exquisite tips!


Protein mash for Step 1

You can start adding some twists to your protein mash from day one of your ketodiet. For example, you can stir a tablespoon of healthy seeds into your vanilla flavour protein mash.

Here are some tips:

  • chia seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • hemp seeds
  • linseed
  • sunflower seeds

Instead of the seeds, you can add the same amount of nuts that are also rich in healthy fats. Or why not combine the two? Half a spoon of your favourite seeds and half a spoon of nuts will do the trick. The choice is yours:

  • almonds
  • hazelnuts
  • walnuts
  • Brasil nuts
  • cashew nuts
  • sweet chestnuts

TIP! Try dry roasting your seeds and nuts in a pan for a more intense flavour and an extra crunch.

Protein mash for Step 2

The protein mash in Step 2 of your diet plan gets even more delicious. Apart from all the seeds and nuts from Step 1, you will now be able to add some fruit as well. We definitely recommend our chocolate protein mash with blueberries that you can, as a special treat, sprinkle with almond flakes.

The following day, the blueberries can be replaced by strawberries or more unusual white currants.

Just be careful about how much fruit you are adding – it shouldn’t be more than 100g a day. Also, on a fruit day reduce the amount of vegetables to 250g.


Protein mash for Step 3

The range of ingredients to enhance your protein mash gets much wider yet again in Step 3 of your diet plan. In addition to the seeds, nuts and fruit from the previous steps, you can now try stirring a tablespoon of natural yoghurt or half-fat curd cheese into the mash. A tablespoon of yoghurt will make its taste smoother. To finish off, drizzle your mash with a few drops of warm coconut oil or melted butter.


TIP! Have the protein mash with yoghurt on the day when you exercise to make you feel fuller.

To make sure you know what types of seeds, nuts, fruit and other foods you can enjoy in each step of your diet plan please go to What will I be eating where you will find all the information clearly laid out.

Protein mash as normal breakfast

If you have successfully completed your diet plan or you just like to have a healthy breakfast, you can get really creative with our protein mash. Just add your favourite healthy ingredients or get inspired by our tips:

  • use coconut or almond milk instead of water
  • add some goji berries and let them absorb water
  • add different types of fruit according to the season
  • grate 2 squares of high-percentage dark chocolate and coconut for a delicious topping
  • add some chicory syrup and pecan nuts
  • roast some pumpkin seeds or oats in a pan for a lovely crunch
  • or why not freeze the mash and enjoy it as protein ice-cream?


Author: Martina Dvořáková

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