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Diet without yo-yo effect or How to lose weight and never gain again

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You’ve invested a lot of energy into shedding off some kilos and you’ve got rid of overweight and now … Has your body started gaining kilos again and your figure is no more attractive? Then the threat of yo-yo effect is here. Say a definite goodbye to it. We will tell you how to do it.

As you know you must look after everything beautiful. A slim figure is not a matter of course. Bad eating habits and lack of exercise will have bad effects.

Returning to old habits and hoping that your body will not mind is like believing in fairy tales.

Weight loss is a result of strong will and no need to say also of hard work. But then you start relaxing and overweight is back. And many times, with even more gained kilos. But you can stop such ups and downs.

How to lose weight without yo-yo effect

Maybe you worry that if you do not want to gain the shed kilos back, you will have to be on the diet for the rest of your life. But that’s not true. First, we must distinguish 2 thingsweight loss and weight management. If you follow the principles below, yo-yo effect will never come.

I want to lose weight I want to manage my weight
Have a balanced reduction diet (e.g. KetoDiet). Have a balanced healthy diet (e.g. low carb diet).
Slowly start doing exercise (alternating aerobic and anaerobic activity). Sport is a common part of your life (minimum 3 times a week).
No starving! Your diet includes enough vegetables and healthy fat. Regular drinking regime. You keep the 80:20 rule in eating habits (simply: you can “go astray” on up to 20% occasions).
Mental wellness is important. No stress! Mental wellness is important. No stress!
Adequate and high-quality sleep Adequate and high-quality sleep

In our article, you will learn that yo-yo effect is due to one mistake. Do you make it too?

Is there any diet after which you won’t gain the extra kilos back?

No diet that makes you starving and doesn’t teach you good eating habits is good. As soon as you finish with it and get back to your pre-diet eating habits, your body will store all fats for worse times. What if it happens again? And it will since you will gain again and will want to lose weight again. And you are in the vicious circle.

KetoDiet protein drinks with raspberry-black currant, apricot-mango, hazelnut-chocolate, vanilla or strawberry-banana flavours will help you with fast and effective weight loss.Opt for effective way of losing weight. With KetoDiet diet plans you will eat regularly 5 portions a day. You will complement protein meals and drinks with vegetables, healthy fats and selected kinds of fruit and you will have regular drinking regime.

This is a well-thought reduction diet composed of 3 simple steps. In Step 1 you will lower the intake of carbohydrates to the minimum and let the body take energy from its own fat reserves. In Step 2 you will start adding common meals rich in protein in your diet. The body will gradually adapt to the intake of complex carbohydrates. In Step 3 you will stabilize your weight and improve regular eating habits to keep them even after the diet..

Forget the myth that protein diet leads to yo-yo effect. Do you want to hear the truth? It is just about you. Follow up your diet plan with healthy lifestyle eating healthy food, doing exercise and caring for yourself. It is this simple!

Losing weight with KetoDiet

If you want to start losing weight with protein diet and you are not sure which diet plan to choose, enter your data in our BMI calculator. Or you can use the advice of our nutrition specialists. They will advise you on your concerns and respond to any question related with weight loss.

Healthy recipes after the diet

Have you lost weight and wonder what to cook? Refresh your diet with some of our recipes after completing the diet.

Author: Tereza Břízová

Photo: KetoDiet, Unsplash

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