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Collagen – Your Health & Beauty Ally

Hydrated, supple and cellulite-free skin, complexion with no deep wrinkles, strong and shiny hair. No, we are not talking about a 20-year old fashion model; we have simply listed the main benefits of collagen. Let’s take a closer look at what makes type 1 collagen so amazing and why it should find its way into your make-up bag.

The body’s most important protein

Collagen is the main building block of the connective tissues in the human body. To illustrate, collagen makes up around 30% of our total protein mass. As the word’s origin suggests – kólla (the Greek word for glue) and genea (the Greek word for production), collagen keeps our skin and tissues elastic and strong and holds them together.

There is more than one type of collagen

There are 27 types of collagen. The most prevalent in the human body is type 1, making up nearly 90%. It can be found mainly in our skin, bones and connective tissues. Type 2 collagen is also important and is mainly located in the cartilage (covering bones’ surfaces) and joints.


 Collagen can be found in:

  • the whites of the eyes
  • tendons
  • skin
  • cartilage
  • bones
  • muscle mass


Don’t wait till you get old

Collagen is a natural part of the human body, however, as we age, our body loses its ability to produce it in sufficient quantities and quality. The original complex protein breaks down into a simple protein. As a result, the skin starts to sag and loses its elasticity and strength, wrinkles become deeper and the hair goes limp.

Between the age of 20 and 30, our skin and tissues lose at least 1% of collagen per year. The decline in collagen levels is also affected by smoking, sun exposure and lifestyle.

We can’t stop time, however, the good news is that we can provide our skin and body with collagen right now - by eating a balanced diet rich in amino acids and taking the right food supplements.

Beauty from within

You can by all means use cosmetic products with added collagen or opt for a cosmetic surgery treatment.  However, neither will provide much benefit to your skin or the healthy functioning of your body. At least not in the long term. The collagen molecules contained in anti-ageing creams are too big to be absorbed by your skin and cosmetic surgery offers only a temporary solution. If you really long for a firm and supple skin nourish it from within!


Collagen is animal protein and its full absorption into the tissues and skin is a result of rather complex chemical processes. One option, which is also the most effective, is to take marine collagen together with vitamin C. Vitamin C enhances collagen absorption and boosts natural collagen production in the body. Compared to beef and pork, marine collagen gets absorbed 1.5 times faster.

Try KetoDiet Collagen Plus, an effective combination of type 1 marine collagen, which will make your skin firm and elastic, hyaluronic acid, which maintains skin hydration, and vitamin C. Thanks to its high collagen content in a single dose, KetoDiet Collagen Plus 5000mg is one of the most powerful products of its kind on the market. It is made of fish from the clean waters of the North Atlantic where sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of fishing are used.

What makes KetoDiet Collagen so amazing?

  • Boosts skin hydration and helps eliminate stretch marks and cellulite
  • Prevents skin ageing – it increases its elasticity and smoothes deep wrinkles
  • Strengthens nails and enhances the hair’s shine
  • Nourishes muscles and the musculoskeletal system
  • Improves tendon elasticity
  • Doesn’t contain genetically modified ingredients
  • Quick to dissolve and easy to digest
  • No strong fish odour or taste
  • Gets absorbed 1.5 times faster than pork and beef collagen
  • Gets hydrolyzed into short oligopeptides that the body can absorb quickly
  • The purest source of high-quality and 100% natural collagen peptides available on the market



Author: Pavla Frindtová

Photos: KetoDiet, depositphotos.com


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