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Can you handle negative emotions? Learn how to deal with them before they destroy you!

Do you experience frequent mood swings and are your days filled with predominantly negative emotions rather than positive ones? This might sometimes be triggered by your period, at other times the negativity can get hold of you when you are ill, after having an argument with your partner or when experiencing prolonged frustration at work. Emotions are a natural and normal part of life. However, if most of the time we are in the grip of negative emotions, it can have an adverse impact on our health. What are the ways to control negative emotions and how can you stop yourself from feeling overwhelmed by them?

We can’t live without emotions. They are an essential part of our lives and of ourselves. However, if negative emotions tend to build up inside us, leaving us feeling lousy, we should learn how to deal with them. Many women, particularly when going through a premenstrual syndrome, experience unpleasant negative feelings. A couple of days before their period is due, women can undergo chameleon-like transformations and be literally battered by an emotional tsunami. So how can you get on top of your emotions?

Identify the cause of your negative emotions

The first step in managing negative emotions is to find out what actually triggers them. The signs of negative feelings can be a rapid pulse, sweaty palms, anxiety, tight chest or a flurry of negative thoughts. Try to identify the moments when your mind is occupied with these negative thoughts. Is it at work when you are talking to a colleague? At a meeting? Whilst driving or after coming back home? According to experts, it is a good idea to keep a diary in which you record everything that triggered your negative thinking. Putting things on paper (or typing on a keyboard) will help you get a different perspective on the issue. 

Become aware of your feelings

Do you tend to bottle up negative emotions? It is important to realize that just because you are experiencing negative emotions doesn’t mean you have to act on them and be dominated by them. It only seems like it. Acknowledge your emotions and try to find a quick solution. It’s good to have some sort of strategy for coping with negative feelings. Find a suitable place at your workplace to which you can retreat for a moment. When at home, go to your bedroom and close the door behind you. Go through your thoughts and ask yourself: how am I feeling right now? What happened to make me feel like this? Then do some relaxation exercises, such as deep breathing. Take a deep breath and slowly exhale, or alternatively, exhale rapidly and forcefully until your lungs are empty and then take another deep breath. Long-term, good strategies for reducing negative emotions are running, walking, swimming or dancing for at least 30 minutes at least three times a week.

Take a moment and press the reset button 

Just like a computer, you can also reset yourself. Once you notice negative emotions creeping in, start taking short breaks during the day. Use these moments to have a think about what actually makes you happy. Whilst sipping coffee or having lunch, think of how lovely it’s going to be to have something nice to eat with your partner later on that evening, to take the kids to the cinema or go for a trip at the weekend. You can also try to bring back memories of something enjoyable you experienced in the past. By creating space for intentional positive thoughts, which will lead to the rise in positive emotions, you will have diminished or even eliminated the negative ones.

Turn to herbs for help

Did you know there are herbs that can help you cope with overwhelming emotions? Plants like white sage or lavender help banish negative energy and harmful elements. White sage has neutralizing properties and releases the same negative ions that can be found in the air after a storm. Smoke coming from burning white sage will help to cleanse your house and dispel any negative energy that might be there. Lavender alleviates depression and will help you control your emotions. It also promotes good sleep, thus providing you with a sense of calm. You can use essential oils of these herbs in your aroma lamp or you can put dried lavender inside your pillow for a good night’s sleep.


Author: Aši

Photos: Pixabay, KetoDiet


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