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Burnout Syndrome: Can you be a victim too? Find out how to get on top of it

Are you constantly feeling stressed, tired and emotionally worn out? Do your hobbies no longer excite you, are you unable to muster the energy to do exercise and has your job stopped bringing you satisfaction a long time ago? Then you might be heading for burnout syndrome. If you don’t want to fall victim to it, it’s high time to do something about it!

Burnout syndrome is a state of total exhaustion and loss of interest in the things one used to enjoy and it eventually leads to decreased productivity. According to psychologists, the syndrome is the final stage of chronic stress which, if not addressed in time, can have a catastrophic impact on mental and physical health. Burnout leads to cynicism, low self-esteem and an inability to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

What are the tell-tale signs that you might be at risk?

Burnout doesn’t just happen overnight. It creeps up on you insidiously when you have been under a lot of pressure and stress. You find it increasingly difficult to enjoy anything, be it your job, hobbies or even your family. You feel resigned and can’t imagine ever feeling better. If you are experiencing something similar at the moment, you should stop and make a radical change. That’s the only way to prevent getting burnt out completely. The syndrome is no fun at all – to burn out is to ultimately give up on life. And to try to climb out of this dark place is by no means easy.

Stress or burnout?

Feeling stressed doesn’t automatically mean you’ve been afflicted by burnout syndrome. However, if you are constantly feeling stressed, you are at risk of burnout. Try to take a step back and become aware of how you are at the moment. If you feel you are under constant pressure, there is still a chance to get things under control. But it means that you must slow down and provide your body with what it needs. If you are burnt out, however, any attempts to recharge your batteries are futile. The feelings of hopelessness and emptiness persist. Just remember that burnout is a gradual process, creeping up on us slowly, giving out its warning signs as it progresses. The signs are not to be ignored - they send out a message that something is amiss.  Apart from feeling tired, you might be suffering from frequent headaches, backache or muscle aches. You might have trouble sleeping or your eating pattern might have changed. What can you do about it?

How to avoid burnout

According to experts, you should try to make changes to your daily activities by incorporating some relaxation rituals in your day.

  • Protein smoothie KetoDietIn the morning, get up 15 minutes earlier and dedicate the extra time to meditation, reading an inspirational book or enjoying a hearty breakfast. Remember that a nutritious breakfast should consist of complex carbohydrates and protein. Watch out for fast and refined sugars – they certainly won’t help lift your spirits. Make sure you have some protein throughout the day. A protein-poor diet might lead to low mood as well as weight gain. This is because protein helps balance blood sugar levels. If you fancy a really quick breakfast or snack, why not go for our protein smoothie?

  • Learn how to relax. If your body is giving out signals that you should slow down, switch your phone and computer off and go for a walk or run or call on a friend.

  • Set your boundaries and learn to say “no” even to those you would always say yes. This also includes your family! Remember, the most important person is you.

  • Find leisure activities to enjoy after work. Be creative as creativity is a powerful tool to stave off burnout syndrome. Learn something new or dust off that hobby of yours that you dropped ten years ago. Just remember that your post-work activities must be nothing like your work!

  • Don’t isolate yourself. It’s natural to seek solitude when everything seems to be weighing you down but withdrawing from others rarely helps. On the contrary, it makes burnout worse. Surround yourself with your family and friends. Talk to them about your feelings and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • Reassess your priorities. Look at burnout syndrome as an indicator that there’s something fundamentally wrong with your life. Do you really have to stay in a job that drains your energy and makes you feel miserable? Cast your net and start looking for something else. If you’re fed up with something, put a stop to it.


Author: aši

Photos: KetoDiet, Depositphotos


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