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3 benefits of running that make it worth keeping up in cold weather

Are you looking for a kind of movement that makes you lose weight quickly and effectively, but are you also interested in getting into a good mental condition? You don't have to spend hours of your weeks doing exercises you don't enjoy, nor do you have to meditate twice a day. Let's just do it naturally. Lose weight and calm your head at once by running. Running will gradually lead you to a slimmer figure, an understanding of yourself and the actions of others. How is that possible?

Has it ever occurred to you that you do not have to perceive running just as a sport? As well as shaping your figure and improving your fitness, it can also become a means of finding your way back to yourself. I'm no esoteric being, but I believe it works. I've had it tested on myself. By harnessing the power of mindfulness, or being conscious of the present moment without judging it, you can reach a state of "daydreaming" in a long, calm run to help you in interpersonal relationships. Let's take it step by step.

1. Slimmer, firmer figure and extra fitness

The apparent and unarguable advantage of running regularly is that it helps you lose weight and then maintain a slimmer figure, too. Plus, you'll improve your fitness considerably. It doesn't really matter if you run in the morning or in the evening, on an empty stomach or if you prefer to eat before. The key is to have the appetite and time for at least two forty-five-minute runs per week. If you run for a shorter time, it counts, too, but it's worth holding on a little longer to get your fat burning going properly. Running is one of the “cardio” exercises, or aerobic sports. To make your movement while losing weight as effective as possible, it's good to add some anaerobic activity to your run, such as weights lifting or weight training at the gym, pilates, yoga, or pole dance, a recently popular option.

Did you know that exercise accounts for 30% of the success when losing weight?

To do your best to lose kilos, in addition to moving regularly, you need to adjust your diet. The diet does the lion's share of the weight loss. And how do you build such a diet for weight loss? If you don't know what to do, contact our nutrition advisors, or choose one of the pre-arranged diet plans. It makes your job easier.

2. A new perspective! Getting to know oneself

And now for the new perspective. In these overstimulated times, it is especially difficult to find a moment for yourself and perceiving your immediate surroundings. Try using the conscious running concept on your next run. What do I mean? Forget the pace for once, the number of kilometres run and calories burned. Be observant and perceptive. Notice everything that's going on around you. The colours of nature that autumn, winter, or spring bring you. Feel the air you breathe. Feel the drops of rain if even a light drizzle doesn't deter you from running. The ground upon which your every step falls. Smile at the passing jogger, cyclist or mommy with a pram. They'll pay you back, and you'll both have a better day. Conscious running takes you away from reality for a while, and you come back after it with a new view of the world, of yourself, and even more euphoria than usual.

3. The wow moments! Understanding others

Lose weight and sort out your thoughts with conscious running

After you try conscious running, you can go further. However, practice this method only in nature or on less travelled paths. It is not suitable for running around the city, by the road or in crowds of other enthusiasts. The bottom line is to “turn off” completely. To be just with yourself and your thoughts. This switches you to the daydreaming phase, technically also the dmn (default mode network). Once you're away from your conscious thoughts, your thinking process relaxes and you casually come to the “wow” moments. This distance will help you get a different perception of reality. You will understand better your own actions, but also the responses of others. Practically unconsciously, you re-analyse situations that you have experienced, possibly even conflicts, thereby ceasing to give them their original weight. Plus, out of the blue, you understand the other side. Sometimes you find out that the situation or the argument wasn't an attack on you, just another way of looking at it. And it's all thanks to your momentary "off."

Are you afraid of turning off while running? Never mind. Give yourself 15 minutes on a bench near your house right after the run. The bench will serve as a muscle-flexing aide after a workout, and then you'll settle your thoughts on it. Let your mind be bored! Your extra quarter of an hour won't kill anyone at home and, for you, it will be priceless.

No smartwatches, sports testers or wireless headphones are needed. Are we setting off?

Author: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Photographs: Nikola Nevečeřalová

Running free from any disturbances will make you more stress-resilient as stress doesn't contribute to healthy weight loss. Read more about the effects of stress on our bodies in this article.

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