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10 things happy people do differently. Give it a go yourself!

Happy people aim to think and act in such a way that makes them feel content every day on all levels of their being. This is in sharp contrast to those who come up with thousands of excuses why they can’t be truly happy. However, true happiness lies in a realm entirely different from those which are often defined by money or success. Stop making endless excuses and try to follow the example of those who know where true happiness lies.

Happy people are positive 

Happy people have made a conscious decision to make happiness and contentment their ultimate goal. As soon as they get up in the morning, they try to put themselves in a positive frame of mind, which increases the chances that the rest of their day will continue in a similar fashion. To these people, happiness is equally important as sleep and water – it is something they can’t exist without. To lead an unhappy and negative life means we are actually not living at all. A happy person asks: “What would the point of my life be if I was just stroppy and negative all day? Why waste energy on negativity? It’s better to be positive!” Be like them and make happy decisions. This means that at every moment of your life you say “yes” to a more favourable solution. In situations where you can’t change the circumstances, change your viewpoint instead. 

Happy people are able to accept pain

No one can stay happy all the time and even happy people are not spared from being in a bad mood now and then. It’s natural. Even happy people can sometimes feel angry, sad or hurt. What sets them apart from those who wallow in moaning and negative thinking is that they quickly accept their frustration and are determined to find a way to transform their pain into something valuable and positive. 

Happy people see themselves in a good light 

We all carry in our minds our self-image that we tend to subconsciously maintain.

Our unconsciousness is usually programmed to direct our life in line with how we define ourselves. Happy people tend to see themselves as happy and positive. As a result, when they do experience something negative, they can quickly modify their mindset to be aligned with the natural state of their unconsciousness. When feeling upset, they accept the negativity and start looking for ways to channel their emotions elsewhere.

Secret tip!

Is your self-image invariably negative? Apart from changing the way you look at yourself, it might also be time to make some changes to your appearance. How about booking in to the hairdresser’s or going for a facial? Or why not try to lose some weight or read our tips on how to learn to love your body

Happy people have a strong support network

The happiest of all people know that there is no shame in reaching out for help and surrounding themselves with people who will support them. They don’t bottle up their frustrations. Instead, they open up to others when they need it. If they can’t solve their problem, they ask for help. Asking for support empowers them without diminishing their self-esteem. They value the wisdom their support network offers. 

Happy people are able to deflect negative emotions 

We are under constant assault from the media and negative news. Happy people know they can’t escape this, however, they have mastered the art of regulating their own environment. They are very good at self-control and don’t get sucked into the vortex of negative news. They know how to regulate their exposure to social media, TV, books and people around them. Happy people can successfully deflect anything that could expose them to negative energy. 

Happy people know when to say "no"

Modern life tends to get very hectic and we find ourselves snowed under with a relentless stream of tasks. Happy people know when to say "no" and decline taking on more responsibilities to protect their happiness and well-being. Saying “no” feels good to them, especially at times of increased stress. They are well aware of the fact that it benefits no one if they themselves are worn out and exhausted. 

Happy people follow their dreams 

Those who want to achieve happiness know that it goes hand in hand with making happy choices. That’s why they follow their hearts and always end up where they want to be. There’s absolutely no way you can be happy if you are treading a wrong path. Unfortunately, most people follow a path they think is the right one for them, but often ignore warning signs. They believe these signals and feelings are normal. They are not. Negativity is NOT normal. Listen to what your body is trying to tell you. If you don’t feel good, change course. 

Happy people don’t sweat the small stuff

Happy people take life as it comes, with its ups and downs. They don’t entertain any unnecessary expectations and don’t get bogged down in trivial issues. They know that bad things are an unavoidable part of life. The car breaks down, the kids bring a poor school report, the husband forgets to pay the bill, the dinner gets burnt – so what? If these things don’t upset their life in any fundamental way then happy people keep their cool.

Happy people don’t need to prove themselves to anyone

Happy people are very clear that the most important thing is to live by their own values. When you live your life in accordance with your beliefs, you don’t need to explain and prove yourself to anyone. It’s much more powerful to show others how you live through your actions. You will save yourself a lot of energy and gain respect. 

Happy people live in the present moment

When we are truly happy we live in the present moment. Happy people have let go of their past. They are enjoying the present and are looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. For them, the present moment is the most important thing in life worth investing their energy in. We should all make our decisions TODAY and say “yes” to what we desire. Stop doing things you don’t like. Don’t listen to people who are not on the same wavelength. And one more piece of advice - put a smile on your face. It’ll make the world a better place to live.


Author: aši

Photos: KetoDiet


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