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Blog – news and practical weight loss tips

This blog is not just about losing weight with KetoDiet. Its focus is much wider - here you will find our latest news as well as practical and motivational tips for an active lifestyle.

SPECIAL OFFER – Up to 50% discount on protein drinks


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Get into weight loss with protein drinks! Our drinks taste well and are rich in good-quality protein to...

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What should you know about omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids?


Is there a lack of omega 3 in your diet? And why do you perhaps have an excess of omega 6? If you want to improve your healthy diet a little bit more, focus your attention on unsaturated...

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Drinking regime crystal clear. Find answers to all your questions


Colder weather is not ideal for drinking regime. Who would feel like drinking cold water with autumn at the door? Put on a jumper and drink a glass (of water). Today, you will learn everything...

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Your favourites. Which KetoDiet products are the most popular?


10 years of KetoDiet. The round anniversary has led us to a slight retrospection. The list of our products is getting longer every year thanks to you and your wishes but did you know that we...

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How to fall into good-quality sleep faster


Sleep is essential for the body’s recovery. What happens to our body during the night? And how does losing weight relate to the quality of sleep? Find out how to fall asleep faster thanks...

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4 simple tips and tricks to drive autumn's blues away


Autumn calls for the floor. The days grow shorter and the energy wanes. Before the autumn frowns and sniffles start to try you, let's find out how to beat them. The key to good mood may...

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Will I lose weight if I am stressed out? The truth about how stress and weight-loss get along


Do you stress about your extra kilos or anything else? Have you been trying to lose weight at the same time for months, but to no avail? Believe me, there are plenty of us like that....

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New product – Mildly salted protein croissant with cereals


Your breakfast will be flawless with the new fluffy croissant. You will enjoy every bite and will replenish your body with high-quality protein and fibre.

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Allowed vegetables on keto diet? Stick to one rule and you won’t make mistake


Did you know that carrots contain three times more carbohydrates than the same portion of iceberg lettuce? Therefore, it does matter how many vegetables of individual types you eat when...

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Special offer – Pina Colada as a GIFT with all diet plans


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. We will add 20 portions of protein Pina Colada to all packs with diet plan. Enjoy summer fully.  

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Are you in the mood for sweets even on a diet? We know how to easily get rid of it


I have a sweet tooth but I don’t want to break my diet … What to do about it? When craving for sweets should never come around and what to do when you get it? Everything has its simple...

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New product – Protein drink with Pina Colada flavour in a bigger pack


When you go to the beach don’t forget to put into your bag a swimsuit, towel and our new product you already know a little bit. Refreshing summer drink full of protein is coming in a bigger pack at a more attractive...

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New product – Protein bars you can’t resist


Have a sweet bar coated in a thin layer of chocolate for snack, enjoy every bite without remorse. You can do this even when on KetoDiet. Just choose the right bars. We will introduce to you two of them below.  

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Promotion – Drink packs with up to 38% DISCOUNT!


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. They have just appeared in our e-shop and are already promoted. You can now order all protein drink packs with a mega discount up to...

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New product – Walnut protein bread


Discover our new product – soft protein bread full of walnuts and seeds. Your KetoDiet will be even more varied. From Step 1.  

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How to slim down fast and effectively for swimsuit season? Follow proven tips


Have you gained some kilos during the year and the moment of truth – swimsuit season – is coming? How to slim down your belly, thighs and hips fast? Don’t panic. It may be easier than...

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Best sources of protein. It’s good to know them not only for losing weight


Proteins - our basic building blocks. Do you have enough of them in your diet? And which foods are the best sources? Read more and you will get information about what you eat. Or what...

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Special offer – 2 croissants as a GIFT with protein drinks


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Just imagine the morning: Fluffy croissants with a thin layer of butter and a cup of your favourite coffee. Such slimming...

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New! – Diet drink packs for losing weight even more conveniently


Lovers of protein drinks, say hurray! Finally, NEW DIET PACKS are here full of protein drinks with several flavours. Discover all benefits of losing weight with keto drinks.  

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Special offer – Easter choco pack


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Oh, sweet Easter! No sweets for you this year since you are on a diet? Don’t worry! With our pack, you can enjoy Easter to the full....

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Diet without yo-yo effect or How to lose weight and never gain again


You’ve invested a lot of energy into shedding off some kilos and you’ve got rid of overweight and now … Has your body started gaining kilos again and your figure is no more attractive?...

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Shedding hair, splitting nails and suffering skin when losing weight? Revitalize them by a change in your diet


Have you started losing weight but feel that the you’ve lost also the quality of your hair, nails and skin? Suffering skin as well as shedding hair and/or splitting nails might be the...

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International Women’s Day prom event – Collagen Plus as a GIFT to protein drinks


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Dear women, let yourself be pampered. Dear men, pamper your wives. We offer a unique opportunity to make a gift to your...

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Will spicy food help you burn fats faster? The expert has a clear answer


Has it ever occurred to you that if you eat spicy meals, you'll lose weight faster? Read the opinion of an experienced nutritionist.

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Transformation of gospel singer Leona Gyöngyösi. How was losing weight with KetoDiet?


Even well-know people can become overweight. Such as Leona Gyöngyösi, who suffered from overweight for several years. But one day, Lea decided to lose weight and shed off her extra kilos....

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Lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Reality or fiction?


Muscle gain and fat loss are two opposing goals. So it seems impossible to achieve both at once. Or is it indeed so? We'll tell you what to focus on to reach your goal.

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Extra nutritious black beluga lentils. Why not leave it out in a healthy diet and what to make of it?


Do you also sometimes feel that you're cooking the same meals over and over again? Getting lunch or dinner ready isn't such a problem when we know what food to use. Have you already tried...

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Simple intermittent fasting or Everything you need to know about it


Strict diets aren't your thing, but would you like to lose some kilos after Christmas? How about trying intermittent fasting? You don't know how to begin and what exactly posting involves?...

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How to organise (oneself) correctly. An effective manual for home, work and weight loss


The last few months haven't been easy for any of us, but we're looking forward to better days. Be prepared for the New Year and welcome it with a new attitude. Give your life in order....

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Special offer – 15% discount on value-for-money packs. Get ready for your New Year’s resolution in good time


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Christmas overeating will finish soon and you will face a challenge. How to lose weight and spend the new year in a slim...

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Suddenly I couldn't think of another excuse


The golfer Kristýna Napoleaová shared her weight-loss story with us. Despite being a professional athlete, she has spent the last years suffering from overweight and working out how to lose weight.  

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Christmas pastries without remorse. Enjoy Christmas even on a diet


Do you always worry that Christmas will put your figure at risk? Enjoy Christmas without remorse this year. We have a recipe for Christmas stollen and delicious pastries that are not...

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Your popular package is back! Protein drinks for 3 + 1 extra week for FREE


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Would you like to change your wardrobe in the new year? Protein drinks will help you to get smaller sizes. Thanks to...

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How to do (pre-Christmas) cleaning and lose weight. Just watch out for a simple thing


How to replace an hour of exercise with cleaning? It is possible! Join two physically demanding activities in one and gain one hour. And then spend the hour as you wish. Find out how...

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3 benefits of running that make it worth keeping up in cold weather


Are you looking for a kind of movement that makes you lose weight quickly and effectively, but are you also interested in getting into a good mental condition? You don't have to spend...

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Nuts in your diet. They can help with losing weight but can become a stumbling block


Picking at nuts instead of crisps is “in” and healthy as well. They are a source of quality healthy fats our body needs not only during weight loss. But they can become a stumbling block.

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News – Barbecue, Pepper and Cheddar Flavour Protein Crisps


Evening relax in front of TV or get-together with friends? Can’t you imagine it without salty goodies? You don’t have to. Enjoy our new protein crisps without remorse. Already from Step 1 of your KetoDiet.

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New – Protein Cream with Hazelnuts in a big pack. Improved recipe.


Your favourite Protein Cream with Hazelnuts comes with a new taste. And it has a lot to offer! We have improved the recipe. We have added more hazelnuts for even more taste. Big pack will ensure that this delicacy...

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How to lose weight effectively while having a sedentary job? Most frequent mistakes won’t knock you down


Do you want to lose weight but one of the obstacles (and often your favourite excuse) is that you sit at work all day? Sedentary job does not help with losing weight very much but it is possible to lose weight...

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NEW – Protein Baguette – you will enjoy every bite of this. And Chocolate-Hazelnut Cream as a gift.


EVENT ENDED. You can buy the baguette separately. Have you heard that you can’t eat baked products while on a diet? No one believes that anymore. Of course,...

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How to survive going back to work without stress-related weight gain?


The summer is coming to an end. Is the upcoming season the time of year for advancing your career, to provide for your family and yet keep a healthy lifestyle? You know what needs to be done…

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Offer - Protein-drink packs for your slimming with 35% discount


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Use this special offer and stock up on protein for a long time. This week you can buy protein-drink...

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Fruit in keto-diet? Take Fruit with Caution!


Suppose there’s a proper heatwave and you’d love to just reach out for a piece of refreshing fruit. After all, it’s healthy, and won’t make you fat. Or can it?

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Losing centimetres is more important than the number on the scales: Know how to take your body measurements


Following a slimming regime, but your weight is not shifting? We have some tips for you on what to focus on more than the number on the scales.

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How to enjoy a summer party even when on a diet


Summer is knocking on the door and your diary is quickly filling up (invitations to beer gardens and weekend barbecues in particular seem to dominate your schedule). Relax! This year’s party marathon will be plain...

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A new product. Our crispy protein grissini sticks will win your heart.


Grissini are a perfect accompaniment to a vegetable salad, but also feel free to tuck into this crunchy snack when enjoying your evening TV. Our protein grissini taste great on any occasion. You can enjoy them...

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Can I exercise right from Step 1? Yes, but...


So you have decided to lose weight with one of our diet plans and to also start exercising regularly. Does a regular physical activity feel...

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Offer: 4 Butter Flavour Croissants + 2 packages of Protein Cream with Hazelnuts FOR FREE


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. You can indulge in sweets even with Ketodiet. And you will simply not resist this combination. The Protein Butter Flavour...

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Pina Colada Flavour Protein Drink


Can you imagine the summer without the sun, beach and a well-cooled drink? Well, we can’t get you the sun and the beach, but you can definitely rely on us with the drink. Let us introduce you this new limited-edition...

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A healthy diet for kids – Dos and Don’ts


The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. We love our children and it is therefore natural that we only want the best for them. But how to decide what the best is? Stick to four basic rules: quick preparation,...

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Protein drink for men is a thing of the past


Have you sometimes wondered which protein drink is best for you? No more head scratching! As we wanted to raise the nutritional value of our unflavoured drink, we have improved its formula for you. This formula...

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Here they are back! Limited edition of Red Berry Flavour Protein Bars


We are bringing back your favourite protein bars with the flavour of red berries. Jazz up your healthy diet with the red berries flavour without compromising your slimming.

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A new unflavoured protein drink and no more crushing of flavouring tablets


Here you will find answers to all your questions about our new unflavoured protein drink and also about the end of flavouring tablets. No more speculation. The unflavoured cream protein drink is yet another of...

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There’s nothing simpler than this


Andrea has tried several times to lose weight by counting calories and weighing her meal portions. However, she always ended up going back to her old habits. It was her sister who introduced her to KetoDiet and...

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Struggling to lose weight? You might be making this common mistake


Has your slimming journey failed to meet your expectations? You have modified your diet and exercise regularly, yet those extra kilos just won’t shift. Sounds familiar? You might have made a small mistake. Let...

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Now - Sample pack of protein foods and drinks for entire three days for a great price!


Are you determined that this year you will finally lose weight for the summer swimsuit season, but you are not sure whether you will like the taste of our protein foods and drinks? Have a go with our KetoDiet exclusive...

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Now: Chocolate lovers, cheer up! Protein chocolate balls now on sale separately!


Are you among those who have already tried our chocolate balls in the limited edition, or do you simple love chocolate but do not want to breach your diet? CRISPY Protein Balls are the right solution for you. You...

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A hearty breakfast will set you up for the day


Start your morning on a positive note and create a happy momentum for the rest of the day. The right kind of breakfast will kick start your inner engine and boost your metabolism. Did you know that a healthy breakfast...

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5 healthy habits that will make you happier


Are you struggling to put a smile on your face and searching for ways to lift your spirits? Try our 5 tips that will quickly transform the world into a better place.

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Special offer: Protein pack for 2 weeks + a new sweet treat FOR FREE


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Do you want your slimming to be easy, tasty and for an amazing price? Spring is the ideal time to set out on a journey to a slimmer body. We have a limited-time...

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New: Diet plan packs in eco-friendly style and a small life-hack for your slimming inside


In KetoDiet, we care for the environment and clients’ preferences, that is why we have dressed our diet plan packs into new eco-friendly outfit.   We have made a step not only towards a slimmer body but also to...

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Let’s keep the ball rolling, together we will make it!


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER.  We thought there is always a space for more joy, and so we decided to extend the happy days for another week, until 5...

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Are you struggling to get a good night’s sleep? We are here to help!


Do you spend your nights staring at the ceiling and instead of counting sheep, do you just count the minutes before you can finally get up? Try our 8 tips for better sleep and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

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Together we will make it!


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER.  Staying calm, not letting yourself be frightened and thinking positively is quite a challenge for most of us these days. How about you?

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SPECIAL OFFER – 50% DISCOUNT on our elixir of health Matcha TEA and blueberry mousse


Boost your slimming and immunity at the same time. Our KetoDiet Matcha Tea protein drink will quickly replenish your body with protein whilst it will also help with its detoxification. And why not also treat yourself...

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Our hotly awaited new products are here! Get value for money with our protein drinks in jars and packs.


The sun is getting stronger by the day! Get started with your slimming in good time this year and save money as well. With our brand new jars and value-for-money packs of flavoured KetoDiet...

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Illness won’t stand a chance! Find out how to bulletproof your immunity


Would you agree that it doesn’t take much for you to spend a whole week sniffling under the covers? Do you keep fighting colds and coughs all year round? Keep the illness at arm’s length with bulletproof immunity....

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Campaign: Ketodiet Collagen 2 + 1 FOR FREE!


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. St. Valentine’s? Think of yourself this time. The V-Day is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a bit of luxury. Let yourself be pampered by the effects...

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Love on command: The Valentine’s Day Survival Guide


Valentine’s Day – you either love it or you curse it every year. If you find yourself on the opposite side of the fence to your partner, you might hit some speed bumps in your relationship. And what should you...

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Do dieting and family life go together? Yes, easily!


Do you want to lose weight but are worried that your family will hold you back? Join the club! One of the most common reasons given for failing at dieting is an excuse that you can never lose weight if you have...

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8 tips on exercise at home – and how to enjoy it!


You’ve been promising yourself to get fitter, but something always gets in the way? Lack of time, lack of space, not having the right kit? Enough of the excuses; it’s time to get some exercise at home.

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Collagen – Your Health & Beauty Ally


Hydrated, supple and cellulite-free skin, complexion with no deep wrinkles, strong and shiny hair. No, we are not talking about a 20-year old fashion model; we have simply listed the main benefits of collagen....

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Hurry before it’s too late! Special offer on the protein drink for 2 weeks + sweet breakfast FOR FREE


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Do you want to lose weight but don’t have time to make diet meals? Are you looking for a snack or main meal that will keep you full for longer? Try our value-for-money...

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Don’t slack off! Our tips and tricks will help you to stay motivated on your slimming journey


Have you stepped into the New Year with a slimming regime in place (which might be becoming a bit of a tradition by now), but discovered that the weight loss is not as fast as you were hoping for? Inevitably, your...

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Reveal the secret of healthy and hydrated complexion. Test KetoDiet Collagen Plus on your skin!


Do you wish to look into the mirror in the morning and view yourself at least 10-years younger? Do you dream of elastic and hydrated complexion, shiny hair and strong nails? We know how to do that! Treat your body...

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10 biggest keto diet myths. Did you fall for them too?


Too much protein, overcomplicated diet arrangements and hunger. These are just a few of many myths about the popular and effective keto diet that have been floating around the Internet. Which one did you fall for?...

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Don't miss this! Special price packs of protein drinks for two and three weeks + Matcha Tea Protein Drink FOR FREE


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Have you decided to kickstart a change in your lifestyle? Do you want to be fit and feel better in your body this year?  In our e-shop you can buy packs of...

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Can you handle negative emotions? Learn how to deal with them before they destroy you!


Do you experience frequent mood swings and are your days filled with predominantly negative emotions rather than positive ones? This might sometimes be triggered by your period, at other times the negativity can...

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Say good-bye to flavour tablets. Choose premium packs and go for new flavoured drinks.


Breaking good news before Christmas! New KetoDiet protein drinks are great and you can prepare them easily even when on a journey or in your office. The KetoDiet value-for-money packs include your favourite products....

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8 tips for low-carb Christmas sweet treats that won’t ruin your figure


Can you imagine Christmas without sweet treats? But how to indulge in your favourite seasonal treats without worrying about piling on extra weight? It’s simple. Instead of the traditional recipes, enjoy our light...

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10 things happy people do differently. Give it a go yourself!


Happy people aim to think and act in such a way that makes them feel content every day on all levels of their being. This is in sharp contrast to those who come up with thousands of excuses why they can’t be truly...

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BLACK FRIDAY with KetoDiet! 30% off all our products


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Celebrate Black Friday 2019 with us! In the week from 25 November to 1 December 2019, all our products are offered at a 30% discount! No need to wait until...

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New product: Pasta as part of a diet regime? Try our new protein FUSILLI


Our new KetoDiet FUSILLI protein pasta now tastes even better and is even higher quality. We have increased the size of the pack, but don’t worry – the price remains the same! Already feeling guilty? Relax - our...

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The popular CHRISTMAS EDITION is back


Looking forward to seeing the cinnamon speculoos bars and sugar-free cherry syrup on offer? Your favourite Christmas products are available again in our e-shop. And here comes a sweet news.

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The Great Protein Comparison! Sports protein supplements vs. KetoDiet protein drinks. What’s the difference?


Gone are the days when high-protein foods and drinks were confined to bodybuilders. Protein is now all the rage. And although protein products are one of the most popular and most used...

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Fibre has many benefits, slimming is only one of them. Find out everything you need to know


In the past, fibre used to be thought of simply as ballast. Today, it is an essential part of a healthy diet. What are its benefits and why is it important to our health? How much fibre should you consume in a...

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Emotional eaters: Are you one of them? Learn how to control emotional hunger


Do you gorge on chocolate when feeling stressed? Do you mindlessly wolf down a whole packet of crisps whilst watching telly or polish off a whole tub of ice cream after getting home, tired from all day’s work?...

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MEGA SALE! 50% discount on selected protein delicacies


Leaves are falling and so are the prices in our e-shop. Have a little browse to find out which of our protein delicacies are offered at a 50% discount.

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New product – Sugar-free topping and hazelnut protein spread


What to put on your pancakes, protein bread, croissants or stir into your yoghurt? Try our sugar-free topping with zero calories or the low-carb chocolate flavour hazelnut spread.

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Risky times for a woman. When do women most often gain weight and why?


Every woman has her own explanation for gaining weight or failing to lose it. Sometimes the ‘alibis would fill a book. But the truth is that there are risky times in women’s lives, when they do actually gain weight...

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Special offer: Croissants – Buy 3 and get 1 free


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. A special alert for all pastry lovers! Beat your sugar cravings with our butter flavour protein croissants. Traditional...

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Catch our 15% discount on Protein Bars


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER.  For your working day or an outing. Tasty and satisfying. Before lunch or after dinner. You can snack on a Protein...

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Horror movies will make you slim! A load of nonsense or a surprising fact?


Does your pulse start racing and your stomach end up in knots so you can’t take in even a mouthful when watching a thriller or a scary movie? And has it ever occurred to you that regularly...

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10% discount on our KetoDiet value-for-money packs. Only in August!


DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Decided to fine-tune your body, shed a few kilos, enhance your diet and lifestyle? It is the right time to begin! We...

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A modern healthy diet. Why is it different than it was 10 years ago?


When it comes to diet, many of us tend to get the wrong end of the stick. A sweet muesli bake for breakfast, fruit in the morning AND evening, spaghetti aglio e olio for lunch, dark bread and ham as a snack and...

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Summer Happy Days – 20% discount on protein drinks


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Do you wish to burn fat even faster or are you looking for a low-carb sweet snack that can be rustled up in no...

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It’s not just your weight – the prices of our favourite KetoDiet desserts are dropping too! Let the summer begin!


THIS DISCOUNT CAMPAIGN IS OVER. Ah, those sun-kissed summer days... Can it get any better than this? Well, yes! To mark the beginning of the summer...

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Tips on how to avoid coming back from holiday with 5 extra kilos


Where are you going on holiday this summer? Are you planning to relax on the beach abroad or will you be exploring the countryside in your homeland? Apart from the excitement about your summer...

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Welcome this low-carb refreshment: Protein Ice-cream!


With the hot days coming, you will certainly appreciate a nice refreshment in form of ice-cream. The New KetoDiet ice-cream will be...

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Learn to love your body! The following tips will make it easier for you


A healthy body is key. This doesn’t mean it has to reach the level of perfection you see in supermodels. Ok, your bum might be a bit on the large side and your thighs might be slightly chunky - an unwanted genetic...

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Even fewer carbohydrates! Our new Vanilla and Banana Flavour Protein Mash


Brighten your morning (or any other part of the day) with our new low-carb product. Vanilla and Banana Flavour Protein Mash has just...

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Losing weight after 50 is not as hard as you might think. You just need to know how to go about it


It’s never too late. Are you telling yourself that there’s no point in trying to slim down as you are over 50 anyway? Banish those thoughts right now! Treat your body in exactly the same way as if you were 20 years...

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8 most common excuses that stop us from losing weight and being active. Do away with them right now!


How many times have you said to yourself that you will wait for one more month or till after Christmas before you get started with your diet? Or that you will go for a run as soon as you finish the chapter or something...

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Prices are tumbling! Our value-for-money packs and protein drinks just got cheaper!


A unique opportunity to save money whilst getting beach ready is here! The prices of our value-for-money packs and KetoDiet protein drinks have just undergone a seismic shift.

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Your favourite Red Berries protein bars are back! But not for long


Summer is around the corner and, just like last year, we are bringing you your favourite protein bars in a refreshing and fruity Red Berries flavour....

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Addicted to sugar? Here are our dietician’s tips on how to kick the habit


Have you noticed that once you have had one piece of chocolate your hand is already automatically reaching for another one? You are not the only one. It is sugar, which belongs to simple...

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The humble egg revisited – let us introduce to you the most accessible superfood


Eggs are a favourite food amongst many people, and not just at Easter time. Despite consuming kilos of the stuff, we are not always aware what an amazing nutrient-dense food the humble egg is. What are the benefits...

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Feeling stressed or having trouble sleeping? Aromatherapy is your answer!


Hardly anyone can claim they live a calm and relaxed life these days. With all sorts of external pressures, our lifestyle tends to end up very hectic. The problem is that such a way of life usually brings with...

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Men lose weight more easily than women. But how come their excess weight poses a bigger risk?


It’s no April fool’s joke, I’m afraid. It’s a fact. “I know that women won’t be very pleased to hear this, but it is true that losing weight is easier for men than women,” says a dietician Martina Dvořáková, thus...

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A new stylish bottle! Meet a new companion that will make sure you stay hydrated


You certainly know that staying hydrated is vital to your health, still you keep on forgetting to drink water, don’t you? With this stylish bottle you will not forget. You can easily take it wherever you go, and you can...

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Find the right motivation! Lose weight because you love yourself


Your favourite dress won’t do up, your partner is admiring the figure of another woman and walking up the third floor feels like climbing Mount Everest. Sounds familiar? No doubt your self-confidence has been badly...

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Carbohydrate flu and how to beat it


Sugar has an enormous impact on our body. If we eat too much of it, it will immediately get stored as fat. It also contributes to the development of cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. However, if you...

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Healthy back workout: No need to head for the gym, these exercises can be easily done in your living room


Almost all of us have experienced back pain, either temporary or permanent, at some point in our lives. It is a sad fact that problems with the neck and lower back are on the rise worldwide....

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Sugars versus Carbohydrates: No more confusion!


“Are you feeling faint? You need a quick sugar fix then!” Does this sound familiar? Do you know what this quick sugar actually is and why it is called like this? If you have a look at food...

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Burnout Syndrome: Can you be a victim too? Find out how to get on top of it


Are you constantly feeling stressed, tired and emotionally worn out? Do your hobbies no longer excite you, are you unable to muster the energy to do exercise and has your job stopped bringing you satisfaction a...

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Everything you wanted to know about meat but were afraid to ask


“At least eat the meat,” my mum would plead with me when I was a kid and didn’t feel like eating. Although I’m still unsure whether this was primarily motivated by the meat’s price tag or...

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Do you work in shifts and worry about putting on weight? Try our dietician’s tips


Some people have ideal conditions for slimming and staying in shape. They have plenty of time to cook and exercise. But how can you maintain a healthy and balanced diet when working...

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What are the things every woman should do before she turns 50? Try the following tips


Is the big 5-0 approaching fast? Or is it already knocking on your door? Then you might just be starting to look back on your life and ponder over all those things you have yet to try. If it’s at all possible and...

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Feeling cold? Try Low Carb foods to get nice and warm


Our body comes to a natural slowdown during cold winter months. The metabolism shifts into lower gear, we are low on energy, feeling tired and the idea of exercise doesn’t hold much appeal...

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Willpower training made easy – just try these 3 simple tips


Learning to resist all sorts of temptations is a lifelong task. We set out to strengthen our willpower, stick to our resolutions and deal with important tasks straight away. We learn not to give up. Many research studies...

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Stylist’s Advice: How to find your own fashion style and stick to it


Feeling tempted to expand your New Year’s resolution list beyond the traditional “to lose weight”? With the ever-increasing global awareness of the human impact on the planet, you might have decided to...

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Protein mash - the options are endless! Try our tips


If your morning is not complete without a sweet breakfast, we have some great tips in store for you. Try swapping wholemeal cakes and oats that are full of carbohydrates for protein mash. You will discover that a protein-rich...

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How to crack the snack


Summer holidays are well and truly over and we are slowly gearing up to the return of our usual hectic schedule. The daily to-do list of many people will also include preparing school...

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8 tips for a quick weight loss


Most of us have been there (at least once) – we just need to shed those extra kilos, preferably now. The moment of resolve usually comes when we hear ourselves muttering: ‘How come I can’t do it up? The dress fit me perfectly...

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Coffee is not your enemy


Have you also heard that coffee and losing weight don’t mix well? That those few cups of your favourite espresso a day will put a stop to your slimming progress? Don’t believe everything they tell you. They are not always...

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The yo-yo effect is caused by a single mistake. Do you make it too?


Hooray! I’ve managed to drop quite a lot of weight and I’m feeling great. I can finally look in the mirror without feeling dreadful. Such an achievement deserves a reward, right? Hmm, how about that scrumptious piece of...

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