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Tereza Břízová

Tereza Břízová

Full-time content marketer tereza.brizova@ketodiet.cz Tereza Břízová

KetoDiet website content a kind of fell into Tereza’s lap in 2020. She studied Czech at the Faculty of Education and she was always more interested in writing than teaching. She runs (mostly after her kids and dogs) and reads (her favourite books are by Patrik Hartl). Her colleagues from KetoDiet and everything with Zdeněk Svěrák will always raise her spirits.

Working at KetoDiet? It’s about writing about great topics and laughing a lot. I have the opportunity to get information from colleagues, who are masters in their field. I am grateful for every day I can be a part of this keto-gang.

A sample of Tereza’s articles:

4 simple tips and tricks to drive autumn's blues away

Autumn calls for the floor. The days grow shorter and the energy wanes. Before the autumn frowns and sniffles start to try you, let's find out how to beat them. The key to good mood may be closer than you would believe.

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Diet without yo-yo effect or How to lose weight and never gain again

You’ve invested a lot of energy into shedding off some kilos and you’ve got rid of overweight and now … Has your body started gaining kilos again and your figure is no more attractive? Then the threat of yo-yo effect is here. Say a definite goodbye to it. We will tell you how to do it.

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Transformation of gospel singer Leona Gyöngyösi. How was losing weight with KetoDier?

Even well-know people can become overweight. Such as Leona Gyöngyösi, who suffered from overweight for several years. But one day, Lea decided to lose weight and shed off her extra kilos. She chose KetoDiet to gain a slimmer figure. Look at her wonderful transformation.

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Lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. Reality or fiction?

Muscle gain and fat loss are two opposing goals. So it seems impossible to achieve both at once. Or is it indeed so? We'll tell you what to focus on to reach your goal.

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Extra nutritious black beluga lentils. Why not leave it out in a healthy diet and what to make of it?

Do you also sometimes feel that you're cooking the same meals over and over again? Getting lunch or dinner ready isn't such a problem when we know what food to use. Have you already tried black lentils? If it hasn't turned up in your kitchen yet, maybe it's time to make amends. This is not just “any” food. It has plenty benefits to spare. It cures, tastes and looks beautiful. Let's find out more.

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