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Nikola Nevečeřalová

Nikola Nevečeřalová

Content marketer on maternity leave nikola.neveceralova@ketodiet.cz Nikola Nevečeřalová

… although she loves pasta and chocolate, she can’t do without a healthy diet and regular exercise. She has been a member of the KetoDiet marketing team since 2017, and even though she’s now fully engaged with her growing family, you can still find her articles from the sphere of active lifestyle on our blog.

I can’t function properly without writing as well as coffee, running and yoga. Finding the right balance between family, work and time for myself hasn’t been easy and I am grateful for that. Because I really enjoy my new role as an active mum.

A sample of Nikola’s articles:

Will I lose weight if I am stressed out? The truth about how stress and weight-loss get along

Do you stress about your extra kilos or anything else? Have you been trying to lose weight at the same time for months, but to no avail? Believe me, there are plenty of us like that. And do you know that up to half of the success (not just in losing weight) depends on the state of your mind? Maybe it's the stress that's holding you back. How does the body interact and how do we stop putting ourselves in a tight spot? Get to the bottom of it, and even losing weight will be easier.

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Allowed vegetables on keto diet? Stick to one rule and you won’t make mistake

Did you know that carrots contain three times more carbohydrates than the same portion of iceberg lettuce? Therefore, it does matter how many vegetables of individual types you eat when on keto diet.

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Are you in the mood for sweets even on a diet? We know how to easily get rid of it

I have a sweet tooth but I don’t want to break my diet … What to do about it? When craving for sweets should never come around and what to do when you get it? Everything has its simple solution and you won’t stop losing kilos.

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Best sources of protein. It’s good to know them not only for losing weight

Proteins - our basic building blocks. Do you have enough of them in your diet? And which foods are the best sources? Read more and you will get information about what you eat. Or what you should eat. And have a look at a personal diet of a nutrition specialist and fitness trainer.

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Shedding hair, splitting nails and suffering skin when losing weight? Revitalize them by a change in your diet

Have you started losing weight but feel that the you’ve lost also the quality of your hair, nails and skin? Suffering skin as well as shedding hair and/or splitting nails might be the result of your new diet. And caloric deficit. Change what you eat and you will not have to wait for visible change for long.

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