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How to start losing weight with KetoDiet

The page on the protein diet has provided you with plenty of important information about the whole diet programme, its principles and how it works. Now is the time to actually start! Not sure how to go about it?


Choose your diet plan

You can choose from 3 types of diet plans based on their duration:

  • BASIC – 3 x 2 weeks (if you are slightly overweight)
  • MEDIUM – 3 x 3 weeks (if you are moderately overweight)
  • INTENSE – 3 x 4 weeks (if you are heavily overweight)

Diet plan calculator

Which diet plan is the best for me? Let us work it out for you. Use our BMI calculator to find out your BMI and the level of risk posed by visceral fat hidden in your abdomen. You will also learn what body shape you are and which KetoDiet plan would be the best for you in case you are overweight.

Use the diet plan calculator

Create your diet using our protein meals and drinks

You can either choose from our convenient, value-for-money packs that already contain the right combinations of meals and drinks, or you can pick individual protein products from a wide selection in our e-shop. The choice is yours. You can combine all meals as you like. You should only stick to five portions per day.


Start your slimming programme

You know your diet plan. You have purchased your KetoDiet protein meals. Well then, there is nothing stopping you from starting with your slimming. Just pick your D-day and embark on a journey to a new slimmer you!

If you experienced any problems whilst on your diet or were not sure which protein products are allowed and which are not, please go to What will I be eating to find answers to your questions.

You can also consult our dieticians directly at startwith@ketodiet.eu or at +421 911 834 708


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