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How to shop

What do you need to be able to use our e-shop?

To use our e-shop you just have to meet one requirement – you need to enable cookies in your browser. This is the most important prerequisite without which you will not be able to use the e-shop. For information on how to enable cookies see the help in your browser.


How to shop?

If you wish to buy a product, you have to place it into the shopping cart first. One option is to add the product to your cart by clicking the blue "Buy" button next to the product (you will thus add 1 item to the cart). Another option is to open the details of the product (by clicking the blue "Details" button or the name of the product).

Enter the required number of items in the box below the description of the product and click the gray OK button. The current number of items in the cart and the total price are displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the website.

After you have ordered everything you need and wish to finish the order, you have to go to the cart. To do this, either click the shopping cart icon in the right-hand panel at the top or the word "Cart" in the top right-hand corner of the site. Here you can change the number of items of each product or remove some products from your cart. To remove a product, click the blue picture of a cross to the right of the product and confirm it.

To change the number of items, enter the required number of items in the box to the right of the description of the product and click the gray "OK" button.


How to place your order

In the cart, click the "Order" button at the bottom part of the table. Fill in the required information. Parts in bold are obligatory, otherwise your order will not be completed. After filling in the form, click the "Next step->" button. If you have filled in everything correctly, a table will open where you can check the entered data once more. If everything is OK, complete the order by clicking the "Confirm order" button. Now the order will appear in our database. After processing it we will contact you.


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