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What is keto diet?

KetoDiet protein diet is one of the effective ways of losing weight that can crack down on overweight. With its help, simple rules that will change your eating habits and lifestyle, will get under your skin. The main advantages of the Czech brand of KetoDiet include:

  • excellent taste
  • easy preparation
  • quick results

KetoDiet concept

KetoDiet protein meals and drinks have a reduced carbohydrate content and increased protein content at the same time. As a result, the body changes its metabolism function and natural burning of fat reserves starts. Therefore, the results are visible so quickly. Optimum protein intake prevents muscle mass loss and you will slim down only what you want to – excess fat. See how the whole diet programme works and what awaits you during weight loss.

  • Balanced meals

    No calories counting or long and demanding cooking. KetoDiet protein meals and KetoLife Low Carb foods are always at hand and will fill you up reliably. KetoDiet nutrition specialists have developed them for you to shed off unwanted kilos comfortably.

  • Regular diet

    You will eat regularly 5 times a day, combining KetoDiet meals with usual meals rich in protein or KetoLife Low Carb meals, vegetables, selected fruit and healthy fats. You will give your body everything it needs. Without starving and being nervous. Check out our keto diet plan.

  • Support Materials

    Throughout the whole slimming process, you will have FREE access to our KetoDiet materials. Nicely laid out, they will help you develop healthy eating habits and provide useful advice, support and much-needed motivation.

Why should I start slimming with KetoDiet?

  • KetoDiet is a genuine Czech brand
  • Quick results
  • No need to count calories
  • Slimming without feeling stressed or hungry
  • Slimming in a natural and healthy way
  • You will discover that a balanced diet is not rocket science
  • Quick and easy preparation of your meals
  • Full support from our KetoDiet advisers
  • You will feel fit and full of energy

Start by choosing a diet plan


Thanks to KetoDiet I am generally happier and more satisfied, which translated not only into my personal but also sporting life. The body has learnt to function properly again and I have become active in things I had not been able to do in recent years.

Kristýna Napoleaová, golfer, 25 years old


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