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Diet Plan BASIC

We have designed Diet plan BASIC for women and men who are slightly overweight. That is why this plan is the shortest of all the KetoDiet plans. It is quick, comfortable and very efficient.

The Diet Plan BASIC takes 6 weeks in total, consisting of three steps of the same length. Your daily menu will be a combination of KetoDiet protein meals and drinks and of a variety of vegetables, healthy fats and other suitable food that will boost your slimming.

Step 1 is the time when you usually lose the weight at the fastest rate, in Step 2 you will start to introduce ordinary meals into your diet and Step 3 is there to make sure your weight becomes stable. Thanks to this diet plan you will prevent the ever-feared yo-yo effect.

How does KetoDiet work and why are the diet plans divided into three steps? To find out, please see On protein diet.

header-1.jpgOverweight slightly
header-4.jpgIn total 154 portions
header-2.jpgDuration 3 x 2 weeks

Download the brochure that will guide you through the entire diet plan.

The plan consists of 3 successive steps, all of the same duration.

To find out why the diet plan has been designed in this way, please go to KetoDiet – how does it work?.

Choose your protein meals and drinks

Do you wish to start your diet plan easily? Choose our Value-for-Money Packs that have been carefully put together by our experienced dieticians. You do not have to rack your brains with the composition of the diet, and what is more, the pack is even more economical.

I want the Value-for Money Pack

Don’t forget to include vegetables and healthy fats

Make sure that your daily diet in all three steps contains plenty of permitted types of vegetables, selected types of fruit and healthy fats. For the full list of permitted foods in each step please go to What will I be eating.

What could your KetoDiet menu look like?

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
200g cottage cheese, grilled tomatoes with mushrooms
125g ham, cucumber salad

Permitted types of vegetables (up to 500g), selected types of fruit and healthy fats can be consumed at any time of the day. You can combine the individual meals as you wish. Why not take some inspiration from our sample menus? Just be careful when it comes to the protein bars, protein mash and tomato soup - you should have only one of these meals in a single day as they contain more carbohydrates than the other KetoDiet meals.

We don’t want you to feel lost on your slimming journey so we have put together our KetoDiet Weight Loss Guide that you can download and that will point you in the right direction.

Why choose Ketodiet to become slimmer?

  • It works.
  • Wide choice of protein food, including gluten-free food.
  • Tastes great and is easy to prepare. At home as well as in the office.
  • No more starving, anxiety or restrictions.
  • Our dietitians are always ready to help you.
  • And you will feel great.

Other diet plans

Diet plan MEDIUM

Even if you carry more than just a little extra weight, the MEDIUM diet plan will help you shed it in no time. It’s effective and easy to follow.


Diet plan INTENSE

Letting the slimmer you emerge when you are heavily overweight is not an easy task, but this plan will support you all the way.


It is an amazing feeling not to be obese any more. To face the world without feeling ashamed about my looks and without trying to hide my body in ill-fitting clothes. My trousers and skirts are now 2 sizes smaller, the tops and T-shirts even 3 sizes! And what was the reaction of the people around me? They couldn’t not notice. They say my change has been so dramatic they can’t even recognize me!

Hanka (59), head teacher


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