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BMI calculator

Your diet plan calculator

Would you like to check whether you are overweight and need to lose weight? Or are your unsure about the choice of a diet plan and would like to obtain recommendation from us?

Please enter your details into our calculator and find out:

  • Whether and what is your overweight.
  • What is your ideal weight.
  • What is your body type.
  • Whether you should fear the monster called visceral fat.
  • Which diet plan we recommend to you if you are overweight.

For more accurate results please enter the following details:

KetoDiet diet plans

We have prepared three simple diet plans for all of you who are trying to fight excess weight to help you follow the rule of eating regularly and guide you through the process of losing weight with protein diet from the start to the end.

Check out our diet plans

Weight loss with the Ketodiet is the only thing that has taken me and helped to get rid of the unwanted kilos. And I know I do not want to go back and liike in the past. I feel great and I have a lot of energy. Monika, hairdresser, 43 let

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