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Benefits of the protein diet KetoDiet

Genuine Czech brand

Our seat is in Pardubice. On the development of protein meals, we cooperate prevailingly with the Czech suppliers. We taste, give feedback and continuously improve. And always learn more. Our outmost concern is that you enjoy our meals and beverages. Our goal is to offer the highest quality products that are a perfect fit for you.

No starving

There is no weighing or counting calories with KetoDiet. All you need to do is to follow some simple rules. We have it all worked out for you in our diet programme. Moreover, you won’t feel hungry or crave sweet things as our wide range of meals and drinks is bound to satisfy everybody’s taste. You choose! Throughout the diet programme, you will never lack energy. And thanks to the so-called well-being effect, you’ll be in a good mood that will be easy to maintain as you gradually slim down.

Quick results

All our diet plans start with a radical reduction of carbohydrates. Your daily carbohydrate intake should not exceed 35 - 50g. The body will start using its fat reserves as its main fuel source. Those extra kilos and centimetres will be disappearing fast. A gradual transition back to a normal, healthy diet, after you have completed your diet programme, is then the best way to prevent the risk of the dreaded yo-yo effect.

You can combine your meals as you like

We are all unique. Some people prefer protein drinks, some like soups whilst others go for pancakes or mash. And you know what? Eat whatever you want! Really. The combination of meals within the diet plan is entirely up to you. Individual portions are balanced and whichever way you combine your meals for the day, there’s no chance you can go wrong. The only exception is protein bars - the maximum daily allowance is 1 portion (2 bars).

Most products are gluten free

The majority of our protein meals and drinks are gluten free. They are clearly marked in our e-shop.

Packs containing individual portions

We want to be practical. Thanks to the packaging in individual portions, your favourite meal will then easily fit into any bag or rucksack. We hope you’ll enjoy your meals both at work and on your travels.

Quick preparation

We know that time is at a premium. For that reason, our products can be prepared and ready to be served in no time. No tedious or complicated cooking with KetoDiet.

Full support from our dieticians

Sometimes you might be in doubt, not know what to do and need support. Our experienced dieticians are here to help you. You can contact them at any time during your diet plan as well as after you have completed it. Your satisfaction is our pride.

Feel free to get in touch with us from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, on +421 911 834 708 or startwith@ketodiet.eu.

Fast delivery

You have decided to start, so what are you waiting for? Your parcel is usually despatched and passed onto our courier the day after you placed your order.

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